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SAFE: GCC’s trusted security partner

IFM_ The National Security Services Company

The National Security Services Company (SAFE), which was founded in 2019 by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and started operations in December 2020, has a vision of becoming the ultimate security partner, while leading the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s security ecosystem.

With a mission to promote and transform the security services sector through a consultative approach, SAFE has been changing client perceptions and future expectations by offering best-in-class security solutions, while combining world-class technology with the expertise of well-trained and distinguished security personnel.

SAFE has four business objectives: Direct uplifting of Saudi’s security industry, maximizing the integration of security elements, supporting national security initiatives, and creating a commercial sustainable platform. “Our ambition at SAFE, is to be a trustworthy and honourable front of our country, society, and entities that we protect. Through promoting integration between the qualified individuals and the latest technology and security solutions, as well as legislations aiming to meet our customers’ safety aspirations and needs by integrated security solutions,” remarked SAFE CEO Turki Bin Matooq Althonayan.

Knowing A-Z of SAFE
SAFE’s primary goal is to develop and upgrade the quality and service provided in private civilian security in the Kingdom, with the help of an executive and professional team with extensive experience and successes in the security field. The end target is to ensure that clients understand their security requirements accurately and induct solutions as per those needs.

SAFE provides top-notch security consulting to its clients and partners through innovative measures, while also bringing experts on board to draw up solutions in the private security sector. SAFE branches are deployed in the Kingdom’s major cities as part of its strategy of being close to clients.

SAFE also focuses on providing integrated security services with technical and continuous training and supporting security staff in the field through SAFE Reginal Control Center (SRCC), in order to guide them and monitor their performances on an ongoing basis.

In June, 2021, SAFE signed various MoUs in the fields of aerospace and defence, in order to advance integrated security solutions in the Kingdom. The agreement has established a framework for the creation of command centres for security, development of training services including high-technology security and operations, as well as providing security consultations in the country.

The company is now working closely with international industry partners and key players to strengthen the Kingdom’s capacity in delivering integrated security solutions.

Talking about SAFE’s specialisation, the venture has a professional advisory and consultancy team which provides conceptual advisory and technical solution designs across a range of complex and high-risk environments. The team comprises technically accomplished and independent professionals, who bring their prior experiences of working in successful security programs to the table.

Armed with the knowledge of emerging technologies and best industrial practices, SAFE professionals help their clients to transition into efficient and reliable automated security services.

SAFE’s core security consultancy elements are ‘Risk Mapping’, ‘Security Master Plan Design’, ‘Implementation’ and ‘Oversight’.

“SAFE is eager to minimize your future risks and threats through our trusted advisors and consultants to provide you with integrated solutions to overcome your security challenges,” remarked by the GM of Advisory and Consulting Mustafa M. Jan, while describing its ‘Comprehensive Consultancy Approach’.

The approach involves three stages: ‘Conceive Security Design’ (where the blueprints for the master planning and security architecture design get done for the clients), ‘Site Assessment’ (process containing effective and comprehensive reviews of client’s business assets and drawing up threat and risk management mechanisms) and ‘Build and Integrate’ (The final stage involving integration and convergence of security mechanisms at the client’s premises, apart from the routine project management functions).

SAFE has displayed a demonstrable, proven track record of providing consultancy services to a wide range of projects across the sectors like Smart Cities, air and seaports, government services, residential and commercial property markets, and last but not least, sports and mass events.

SAFE’s security solutions
“SAFE believes in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We understand that as a business-to-business service; managing all perspectives of quality, brand, and cost can be an enormous task, hence; there is always room for improvement and the key to success is the commitment to continual development. This is achieved through the integration of state-of-the-art technology, careful selection of staff, extensive training, dedicated account management, and layers of communication channels. We are always keen to listen to our clients, and their customers about their SAFE Experience,” the company commented.

SAFE’s security professionals undergo extensive screening and Intensive training, as part of their certification process. Armed with the latest radio communication devices, and non-lethal weapons according to the client’s/project’s risk level, these professionals follow best practices as per international standards.

SAFE’s specialised security offerings for clients include ‘SAFE Cash Management Services’, ‘K-9 Services’, ‘Events Security Services’, ‘Maritime Security’, ‘Fire & Safety Services’ and ‘VVIP Protection’.

Exploring SAFE Reginal Control Centre (SRCC)
Manea Al Shetawi, Chief Operations Officer, said, “For any operation to be successful, one of the key elements is effective communication. The faster the information is exchanged, the quicker the response in terms of resolving an incident, accident, or any issue for that matter. As such, the establishment and operation of a SRCC is deemed an absolute essential, to enable us to deliver our concept of Security Solutions. The SRCC being an integral part of SAFE, supports the business operations as well as provides cost-efficient and technically reliable services to our clients. It is designed to manage services from one platform and can perform multiple functions.”

Fahad Al Ghamdi, Head of Command & Control Centre, said, “Our Reginal Control Center is linked to the client’s security tech infrastructures with a backup service for on-site Security Operation Center (SOC) to provide 24/7 coverage by monitoring with real-time information feeds around the clock, latest technologies including CCTV cameras and unmanned systems (both aerial and ground), sensor-tracking systems and intrusion detection, as well as life safety equipment, linkage with first responders and relevant authorities and patrol vehicles tracking.”

How SAFE trains its employees?
Candidates go through rigorous training at the SAFE academy, before being certified and accredited for the job as per international standards.

SAFE is licenced by International Federation of Protection Officer (IFPO) to provide international accredited courses in various languages (Arabic, English and other).

“The fast-changing threat and risk spectrum necessitate skills enhancement for security professionals to remain future fit, as well as, abreast of industry best practices,” commented SAFE on its staff training program, while continuing, “With an intent to enhance competency and service standards for the security industry in the Kingdom, we have partnered with global organizations for the bringing state of the art education and training resources for our staff and those of our business partners i.e., the clients.”

SAFE’s security professionals get three layers of training, namely fundamental, specialized and supervisory, thus covering all the bases as per the industry requirements. Its tailored curriculum, training methodologies, world-class expertise, and purpose-built facilities transform the Saudi Nationals into top notch professionals equipped with the skills to meet the industry demands.

Some of the certificate courses in SAFE Academy include:
Certified Protection Officer (CPO): This course is designed for security officers and aspirants who wish to learn more about security/asset protection strategies and emerging trends.

Certified in Security Supervision & Management (CSSM): This course is designed to match the job descriptions of the security supervisor/ manager. The program is suitable for those wanting to advance their career in security and earn leadership roles in that particular hierarchy.

Certified Protection Professional (CPP): This one provides knowledge and management skills in seven key domains. It gives the candidate a true competitive advantage, enhancing career opportunities and performance.

Physical Security Professional (PSP): A course designed to conduct physical security surveys to identify vulnerabilities and perform cost analysis for the selection of integrated physical security measures.

SAFE’s Roadmap for ‘Vision 2030’

The incorporation of the company was part of the investment strategy of Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), with the goal of contributing to the objectives of diversifying the Kingdom’s economy under ‘Vision 2030’, through the development of promising sectors.

“SAFE will contribute to achieving PIF’s effort to build a diversified local and international investment portfolio that will enhance the strength of the Saudi economy, diversify sources of income, and achieve long-term economic returns for KSA and its citizens, in order to reflect the Kingdom’s vision 2030, as it will support the empowerment of the private security sector in KSA, the localization of knowledge in this sector and the provision of jobs, in addition to supporting small and medium-sized companies,” the company stated, while talking about its roadmap of contributing to the goals of ‘Vision 2030’.

“SAFE is taking care of its employees in order to provide quality and care to its clients. In this aspect, the company is offering programs that ensure continuity and the accumulation of knowledge for security personnel, including: Clear career paths, Social Insurance, Medical Insurance, Certified and Continuous Training and Compensation,” it added further.

“SAFE was established to achieve three dimensions: the urgent need for some security sectors, those to which the private sector does not contribute, and the reinforcing of the role of privatization, i.e., the conversion of some private enterprises. SAFE will focus on four key points: Security consultancy because any security work begins with a good risk assessment, then we move on to the integration that will occur from an operational or technical aspect through the SRCC to respond and monitor any event. The third point is internationally approved training and development, and finally, security solutions, and we will seek to develop the remaining part, not only providing the service, but also supporting the owners of current companies to contribute by providing them with a supporting layer in this sector,” the company remarked.

SAFE has a commitment to contribute and empower the Kingdom’s private security ecosystem by transforming it into an attractive profession for the citizens, a profession which will enable the Saudi youth to have clear career path, with state-of-the-art training and qualification opportunities.

“We are working on ensuring that this goal is achieved by adhering to a number of elements, first, the selection of our employees carefully according to the highest security standards. The recruitment process goes through setting high standards in proportion to the requirements of clients, and through the stages of behaviour and appearance tests and personal interviews, then a security survey and medical examination. Followed by the training of our staff at the best security institutes, where our employees are given intensive training,” SAFE elaborated further, while talking about implementing programs that ensure the continuity and Knowledge accumulation for security officials, so that they can look after the client with less supervision.

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