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Work From Home job openings in UAE: All you need to know

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Around 1,500 Work From Home employment is available on, with over 600 of them in the GCC and more than 300 in the UAE

Despite a reduction in job postings for remote work or Work From Home positions, for job seekers, thousands of openings are listed in the UAE and the Gulf on various job portals and channels across a variety of industries.

According to data, there are many popular jobs that may be done from home, including call centre representatives, marketing specialists, sales executives, business development managers, and financial officers.

Employers and managers are putting more and more pressure on workers to come back to work as a result of the relaxation of regulations in the post-COVID era. However, the majority of workers want a hybrid work model. They frequently leave companies that don’t provide this option and join more flexible ones.

The absence of remote employment opportunities is one of the top ten reasons why professionals in the UAE are considering changing jobs, according to research performed by LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, the percentage of remote job posts in the UAE is 4.3% as of February 2023, down significantly from January (22.8%) and from the same month the previous year by nearly 50%.

Around 1,500 Work From Home employment is available on, with over 600 of them in the GCC and more than 300 in the UAE. The numbers are subject to change every day.

Najat Abdelhadi, head of communications and career expert, LinkedIn Mena said, “The share of remote job postings has been declining in the UAE, as managers call their teams back into the office in the face of the prevailing uncertainty to prove higher business revenues.”

She advised companies to carefully evaluate what their workforce wants, which includes flexibility, if they want to keep their finest employees, who will help them stay on top and navigate the rapidly changing business landscape.

Meanwhile, according to LinkedIn, the top five sectors in UAE with the highest share of remote job postings are technology, information and media, followed by professional services, wholesale, consumer services, and interestingly oil, gas and mining.

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