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Europe seeks to digitise oil industry for offshore personnel

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A report shows a decrease of nearly 4,000 offshore personnel in the UK since the lockdown in March

With Europe transitioning into another wave of the coronavirus, the industry seeks to introduce a remote oil rig system to alleviate stress. It is reported that the move will digitise the oil and gas industry on the continent. 

Although the outlook for offshore personnel is unclear, a report shows a decrease of nearly 4,000 in the UK since March. 

A few years ago, Norway had begun testing for remote operations in an effort to secure offshore workers. The experiment was carried out in small measures on unmanned rigs in 2013, media reports said. On the other hand, Aker BP followed suit by launching its first remotely-controlled platform last year. It is reported that automation and digitisation of oil fields is imperative for the industry’s growth and ‘keeping those barrels economic’. 

OGUK, the representative body for the UK oil and gas industry, is carrying out a one-of-its kind survey to deliver a baseline for diversity and inclusion demographic. It is reported that the survey will act as an important catalyst for change and progress in the industry. 

OGUK chief executive Deirdre Michie said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of our industry-wide survey on diversity and inclusion. This is an important piece of work that will enable us to really understand where we are as an industry and where we need to get to, in order to attract and retain the talent we need to secure our future by providing solutions to some of the key challenges facing our sector in the short and longer-term.”

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