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Landco: When luxury meets sustainability in real estate development

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The Landco Beachtowns offer a sense of balance away from the bustle of city life, incorporate sustainability in its development, and feature the best of the Batangas destination

Landco Pacific Corporation — known for pioneering premium landscapes for more than 30 years in the Philippines has recently been recognized as the “Best Luxury Leisure Concept in the Philippines” for its BeachTowns named ‘Club Laiya’ and ‘CaSoBe’ at the International Finance Award 2022.

After successfully developing the upscale beach communities of Punta Fuego, Landco once again raises the standard of luxury beachfront properties. The master-planned communities known as ‘Landco BeachTowns’ have pristine white beaches, easy access to the city, WiFi, top-notch infrastructure, sustainability features, cutting-edge services, and recreational amenities.

These Resort Estates are located in Batangas, one of the most popular tourism and recreation areas close to Metro Manila. These resorts are considered a dreamy beach escape for city dwellers, weekend warriors, and those who like to work from the beach. The resorts are more accessible than other tourist destinations in the Philippines as it is just a two to three hours drive from Metro Manila.

The Landco Beachtowns offer a sense of balance away from the bustle of city life and capture the best that Batangas destination has to offer, including balmy shores, long stretches of white sand, clear waters, tree-lined pathways, bike lanes, and shared spaces designed with the sea and marine life as inspiration. It also has access to modern hospitality facilities.

IFM_ Erickson Y. Manzano
Erickson Y. Manzano, President & CEO – Landco Pacific Corporation
The properties provide their customers with the ideal seascape for their dream homes and businesses. In addition to the residential and commercial areas in the inclusive seaside communities of Resort Estates ‘CaSoBe’ and ‘Club Laiya’, there are the exclusive residential beach communities of ‘Playa Calatagan’ and ‘Playa Laiya’.

The Resort Estates provide mixed-used residential and commercial projects for the tourism industry. These developments are intended for people who prefer to be immersed in the middle of a bustling tourist area, mix with leisure seekers and the sporty set, and have the choice of building their own home or place of business on the beach. Owners and investors can construct their ideal beach house, second home, or an innovative new venture that targets the tourism industry on real estate in these Resort Estates.

Investing in the Resort Estates will help investors grow value over time. The best example of this is Punta Fuego, a high-end Landco property that has established a strong foothold in the luxury market. Since its introduction in the 1990s, its real estate value has increased by nearly 1,200%. Given Landco’s past record, it is predicted that the investment in Landco BeachTowns will result in a long-term increase in property value. It is a lasting legacy that can be passed on to the next generations, ensuring the well-being and financial security of many generations down the line.


The 15-hectare CaSoBe in Calatagan, municipality in the Philippines, is referred to as the playground of the ‘old rich’ that offers a stunning view of the sunset, a relaxed resort atmosphere, and quick access to golf courses, equestrian clubs, dive sites, cultural, and historical attractions. The CaSoBe is classified as commercial or mixed-use. Investors enjoy the stature and benefits of owning a beach property in a thriving resort setting.

Club Laiya

The 23-hectare Club Laiya in vibrant Laiya, San Juan, bustling with tourists and visitors, caters to those with an active lifestyle from sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and beach volleyball to beach yoga. Within Club Laiya are the Seaside District, the Premier District, and The Spinnaker, catering to the diverse preferences of the tourist market and serious investors.

The Seaside District features mixed-use commercial and residential spaces with easy access to the white sand beach. Offering a gated resort and lush forest community for those who value a serene environment and a broader scenic view of Laiya’s mountains and greenery, there’s the Premier District.

The Spinnaker was recently unveiled as the soon-to-rise 22-story stunning structure that resembles the headsail of a yacht. The Spinnaker will carve the sky as the new iconic architectural landmark and premium condotel at the beachfront of Club Laiya. The captivating medium-rise beachfront premium condominium, with terraced levels and luxurious cuts, provides all units with an expansive view of the sea by Tayabas Bay and some units offer the scenery of both the seascape and landscape punctuated by Mt. Daguldol.

Ecological and Sustainable Development of Landco BeachTowns

Being strongly committed to sustainability in its real estate ventures, Landco has always offered its investors socially and environmentally responsible investment options. Its Resort Estates ‘CaSoBe’ and ‘Club Laiya’ are both LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered, with a double-piping system for water recycling – the first in the Resort Estates and also The Spinnaker, permeable pedestrian lanes, tree-lined walkways, and picturesque bike lanes around the beach-side properties to reduce carbon footprints.

Resort Amenities

Millennial Resorts, Landco’s hospitality arm which manages the leisure facilities of its Resort Estates, was awarded the very first EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) Certification for a resort hospitality project in the country, for its Crusoe Cabins at CaSoBe.

The pod-like Cocoons are available in both these Resort Estates, and the unique camper vans of Camperisti at Club Laiya.

Complementing the beach experience are Aquaria, a water park with a three-story pool slide at CaSoBe, and the Beach Club at Club Laiya. For foodies, Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar showcases a feast for the senses. A venue for corporate events, sports, and weddings, the Canopy is highly-sought after at CaSoBe.

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