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Start-up of the Week: HqO is here to revolutionise workplace experience

The HqO Workplace Experience App is a complete solution for reserving and managing flexible workplaces

Boston-based HqO is an onsite retail and services app that is transforming how people connect with each other and workplaces all around the world. The HqO Workplace Experience Platform makes it easy for companies and commercial property teams to create modern offices through world-class amenities and services.

The venture is currently active in more than 200 million square feet of property spaces in 25 countries, and 57% of the ‘Fortune 100’ businesses reportedly rely on HqO to enhance their workplace experiences, apart from improving employee satisfaction, and driving operational excellence.

“Strong communities are the heart of successful properties. The HqO platform enables communications and programming that deliver engaging workplace experiences while elevating the surrounding neighbourhood,” HqO states on its website.

“At HqO, we are a true partner to the world’s most innovative companies in fostering customer-centric workplace experiences. Whether you’re part of a property team looking for efficient building operations, or a busy professional trying to get the most out of their workspace, we help our customers create the “live, work, play” environments that everyone will love,” it says further.

The company, which has funding of USD 110 million, was established in 2018 by Chase Garbarino, Kevin McCarthy, Greg Gomer, and Jared Stenquist. After coming up with the venture, these individuals began developing a product that could shape the future of the workplace. And in 2023, the company’s investors include Insight Partners, Accomplice, JLLSpark, Navitas Capital and Suffolk Technologies.

“Today, we work with leading companies around the world to create unique customer-centric workplaces, enable data-driven decision-making, and cultivate thriving communities,” HqO said.

HqO workspace-related products include Access Control and Visitor Management (a service which eliminates the need for physical key card usage for tenants, employees and guests, along with avoiding unnecessary paper works with property management/administrative teams), Transportation and Parking (where HqO partners with transportation providers to support tenants and employees as they travel to and from the office).

“Our built-in and integrated technology solutions can ensure that your guests are prepared before they even enter the building. Reception and security teams can quickly check-in guests and notify tenants and employees of their arrival, while also knowing who is in the building or workplace at any given time,” the venture states.

HqO Visitor Management system captures real-time data on people visiting office premises, and the companies/departments they are visiting, in order to help the client businesses to identify important workplace trends.

HqO’s Space and Maintenance products include ‘Room and Desk Booking For Corporates’, ‘Resource Booking For Landlords’ and ‘Work Orders’. All these services can be availed through a mobile app.

“The HqO Workplace Experience App is a complete solution for reserving and managing flexible workplaces. Together, we can create exceptional experiences for every member of your building community,” the company added.

“With HqO, you can streamline the hybrid workplace experience for your tenants across resource booking, access, content, and more within a single app. You can also utilize and customize pricing, membership levels, credits, and short-term leasing tools,” it states further.

The start-up also covers important activities like leasing, attracting and retaining tenants and implementing smart building solutions for workplaces.

HqO In News

HqO on February 1, 2023 announced the release of its annual “The State of Workplace Experience” report, a research-driven analysis of how the workplace and overall employee sentiment have evolved since 2022 and the trends to watch out for in 2023 as more workers are called back to the office after the COVID hiatus since 2020.

The study has proprietary data from research firms Gartner and Leesman, and it has talked about a shift in employees’ approach to the workplace.

“This year’s report underscores the shifting role of the workplace as employees expect – and, in many cases, demand – an experience that justifies the commute, even if it’s just two or three days a week,” said HqO CEO and co-founder Chase Garbarino, during the report’s publication.

“Interpersonal interaction has never been more important, making it critical for workplace decision-makers to invest in social infrastructure that brings people closer together. Those who embrace connectivity and community are best positioned to maximize productivity and profitability,” Chase Garbarino added.

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