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Tech companies beat banks in political lobbying in the US

Silicon Valley spend is double that of banks IFM Correspondent October 27, 2016: That banks in the US cozy up to politicians is known to all. However, a study by Bloomberg shows that it is no longer just Wall Street, but also Silicon Valley which is getting into political lobbying. Bloomberg has stated that the...

Lessons for the first-time adopters of IFRS

Saket Modi There is evidence to suggest that the move has resulted in more comparable and more transparent financial statements June 1, 2016: The year 2015 was a historical one for the world of finance and capital markets. It marked the 10th anniversary of mandatory adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by listed...

50% of oil & gas companies in UK cut jobs

One-third of companies plan further lay-offs this year, says a report IFM Correspondent June 7, 2016: About 50% of all oil and gas companies in the UK were forced to cut jobs in the past 12 months, says a recent report. The Bank of Scotland/Lloyds Banking Group surveyed 141 companies in the sector. The report...
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The best places to work in Asia

Most of the companies are located in Australia followed by India IFM Correspondent March 24, 2016: Freight company DHL beat Google and SAP to be the best company to work in Asia under the MNC category, according to a survey by Great Place to Work, which conducts research on the characteristics of great workplaces. Australia-based...

Best way to advertise? Get on an app

From e-commerce to gaming firms, all are betting big on appvertising Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya April 22, 2015: There was a time not too long ago when advertisers struggled to fit in their ads in mobile apps. They could hardly accommodate five words and a small picture, which was too minute to even get noticed. Secondly,...