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Everest Industries picks RAKIA for first overseas venture

Will invest in 750,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Al Ghail industrial park IFM Correspondent November 21, 2014: Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA) has signed Everest Industries, one of the fastest growing building solutions companies in India, as its tenant. Everest will occupy 750,000 sqft in RAKIA’s Al Ghail industrial park. The India-based company plans to initially produce...
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Bolivia’s Evo Morales wins a third consecutive term

Left-leaning president, an Aymara Indian and a former coca farmer, becomes the longest serving leader and incumbent head of state in the Andean country Kamilia Lahrichi October 17,2014:Since his first election in 2005, Evo Morales has propelled economic growth in what was once one of the worst performing economies in Latin America, and enacted redistributive...