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UK: Open banking unleashes business lending race

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The UK’s open banking directive is starting to propel SME growth and is having a cascading effect on European banking...
Economy January-February 2019 Magazine

Leading Raiffeisen Bank’s digital transformation in Italy

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In the wake of rapid digitisation and mobile-friendly strategies, there is a rising need for modernity in authentication systems, In a path-breaking initiative, cybersecurity company OneSpan accomplished the seamless modernisation of Raiffeisen Italy’s authentication systems. Could this be the precedent in the future?...

HSBC is “Numero Uno” among European Banks

HSBC has gone past France and Germany’s largest lenders to take the top spot on a league table of Europe’s biggest banks as its assets grew to more than 2 trillion Euros ( £ 1.7 trillion).  June 11, 2013 : International Finance Magazine, reports on the rise of the bank, its rapid growth and its role...