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January-February 2019 Magazine Opinion

Why Banking as a Service is Transformational

International Finance
Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) not only provides organisations with the ability to build, configure and manage their own financial services, but also gives them greater autonomy when providing for the needs of their clients....
Company Profile January-February 2019 Magazine

A visionary and innovative partner for your private wealth management needs

International Finance
Arche Associates, one of Europe’s leading financial services companies, has a boutique of services and offering embedded in the goal of providing innovative private wealth management solutions...
January-February 2019 Magazine Wealth management

Social sentiment rakes up trading

International Finance
The wealth of information available on social media today has paved the way for businesses like Finatext to thrive. CEO Rob Brockington talks about the new crypto trading app Pipster and why real time data is the game changer for financial inclusion today...
January-February 2019 Magazine Technology

Decoding the anatomy of APIs in the digital age

International Finance
The race to emerge victorious in the digital age has opened a plethora of opportunities for technology to act as a catalyst. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) could be that much-needed catalyst for the financial services industry, believe digital transformation leaders in Wells Fargo and Capgemini...
Magazine November - December 2018 Opinion

Building a diverse workforce Through Technlogy

International Finance
The boost for higher inclusion in the financial services sector is more critical now than ever. While human bias has long restricted women in playing a broader role in financial services, technology could be the solution...