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The quest for robust and synchronised growth

The world economy is at the intersection of at least three powerful forces October 19, 2015: The IMF’s new World Economic Outlook (IMF 2015) points out that the world economy is at the intersection of at least three powerful forces. First, China’s economic transformation – away from export- and investment-led growth and manufacturing, in favour of a...

Eurozone: What recovery?

Disappointing GDP data highlight a lack of improvement in the economy, but the ECB is likely to ignore calls for action as it continues to evaluate policies already enacted August 18, 2014: According to Eurostat’s flash estimate, Eurozone GDP showed 0.0% growth in the second quarter, down from 0.2% in the first quarter. The figure...

Exports, Austerity Help Spain Recover from Recession

Based on a growth prediction of 0.7 percent the Spanish budget for 2014 included less cuts and greater stimulus. 7th October 2013 Spain’s Prime Minister has presented its most pain free budget in many years, banking on a nascent economic recovery gathering steam in 2014. Based on a growth prediction of 0.7 percent the Spanish...
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Understating Riskiness Through Window Dressing

Window Dressing may make a fund appear more attractive, but the stock will tend to decline after a certain period. 5th September 2013 Consider this scenario, share prices on Philippine Stock Exchange opened higher last Friday (August 3oth), extending Thursday’s rebound as positive sentiment over higher than expected gross domestic product (GDP) output in the...
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Switzerland Far Ahead of the Pack

The key players in the Swiss financial centre are the banks, and their core business is wealth management. 27th August 2013 When you mention Switzerland, most people think of mountains and cheese with banks coming a close third. The country has a highly successful market economy based on banking and international trade, its standards of...

RBA leaves rate unchanged at 2.5%

RBA chief Glenn Stevens has rightly configured the monetary policy to foster sustainable growth in demand and contain inflation, reports TEAM IFM Sydney, June 10: The Australian central bank has kept its key rate unchanged at 2.5 percent for the 10th straight month as a mining investment slowdown has impacted growth resulting in the need for...