Saturday, Nov 28, 2020
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Uniformity across Direct Banking channels gives a boost to Odeabank

Now, Direct Banking channels account for 83% of all transactions of the Turkish bank January 6, 2017: Having entered the Turkish banking industry at the end of 2012, Odeabank maintained steady growth and continued to solidify strong achievements. It capitalised on its competitive strength to rank 8th among private deposit banks and 9th in total...

UK’s payment systems regulator to foster more competition

Right now, the sector mainly consists of bank controlled monopolies IFM Correspondent January 3, 2017: The UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has decided to foster a more competitive domestic playing field. PSR has three main objectives — promote competition, promote innovation and ensure that payment systems are developed and operated in the interests of users. According...

Rise of holiday cash mule

Tourists are short-changing themselves by loading up on foreign currency before going abroad July 11, 2016: Concerns over access to money overseas are causing many holidaymakers to stockpile far more foreign currency than they need.  The trip to the local post office or bank to ‘stock up’ ahead of departure is a tradition which could be...