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January-February 2019 Magazine What Millennials Want

The Holy Grail of Millennial Finances

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Yoni Dayan, chief editor at Money Under 30, tells us why millennials are facing the toughest financial future in modern history...

Millennials develop positive outlook on the future of business aviation, says survey

The survey published by the European Business Aviation Association reflects three components that predict millennials' expectations: Environmental-friendly aircraft, ride-sharing and the ability to fly when and where they want...

Vantiv to offer Verifone Carbon with commerce platform

Will offer smarter, more secure technology to small- to medium-sized businesses for payments, create loyalty and grow business October 24, 2016: In an era where connected commerce technologies are transforming consumer behavior, research shows that the next several years will see small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) increasing adoption of new commerce software and technologies. To...

Financial Town demonstrates mobile video banking feature

CEO Gene Pranger offers inside look at BankOn Mobile Video July 22, 2016: Financial Town demonstrated the banking industry’s first overseas mobile video transmission at the 2016 World Credit Union Conference in Belfast, the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. The broadcast, from Belfast to the United States, marks the first mobile video banking call...

Trade Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific: New Game, Old Rules?

By Swarnim Wagle. 3rd December 2013 Negotiations over one of history’s most ambitious trade deals have taken another step towards defining the future of Trans-Pacific trade. The latest round of discussions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) wrapped up this past weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Negotiators are believed to have made headway on a number of...

EU Signs Historic Trade Deal With Canada

The deal will make Canada the only G8 country to have preferential access to the world’s two largest markets, the EU and the United States. 24th October 2013 The European Union and Canada agreed on a multibillion – trade pact on Friday that will integrate two of the world’s largest economies and paves the way...