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January-February 2019 Magazine Opinion

Why Banking as a Service is Transformational

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Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) not only provides organisations with the ability to build, configure and manage their own financial services, but also gives them greater autonomy when providing for the needs of their clients....
January-February 2019 Magazine Transport

Logistics: The next wave of innovation in e-commerce

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With e-commerce snowballing in the Middle East means: logistics in the region need advancements from a paradigm of old-fashioned techniques to drum up operations...
Cyber Security Magazine September - October 2018

Phishing for trouble? This fraud prevention company can help

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Ecommerce merchants are tasked with the responsibility of protecting themselves from sophisticated fraudsters, but in reality, their defences aren't as strong as they should be. Rei Carvalho, founder of fraud prevention company, Emailage elaborates on what businesses need to do to protect themselves and their customers, and to understand why the email address is the...
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Customer experience payment expert tappit appoints Jason Thomas as CEO

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"As a huge music and sports fan, I’m thrilled to bring my technology and ticketing experience to tappit as we embark on a period of significant growth in international markets," says Jason Thomas...