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Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn

IFM Correspondent But even after the deal is sealed, LinkedIn will continue to function independently June 14, 2016: Microsoft on Monday announced a $26.2 billion deal to acquire professional networking platform LinkedIn for $196 per share. The market gave a mixed reaction to the announcement. While shares of LinkedIn surged 47 percent to near $193,...

Holders of high yield bonds floundering

Hit by the fall in oil prices Peter Taberner February 4,2015: The fall in oil prices has left holders of high yield bonds floundering, as the value of their investments has simultaneously plummeted. Over the past three months, data from the First Trust High Yield Bond reveals that there has been a drop in price...
Islamic Banking

Could Ratings Help Boost Transparency in the Trillion-Dollar Islamic Finance Market?

Those involved in Islamic finance readily agree the 40-year-old market has reached a juncture where it must develop further transparency to address concerns about the security of its products. When Dubai’s biggest investment conglomerate, Dubai World, stunned markets last November with a request to freeze repayments on $26 billion in debt, the upstart Gulf emirate...
Islamic Banking

Western governments and companies are poised to test Islamic bond markets

The UK’s Islamic Finance Secretariat puts the value of Sharia-compliant assets globally at trillion dollars. A story surfaced in the Malaysian media last September suggesting that the ESB was planning to issue an Islamic-compliant bond, or sukuk, as part of its future funding arrangements. Sukuk are structured to pay profits or rent, rather than traditional...