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Start-up of the Week: disrupting FMCG sector with a heavy pinch of technology has emerged as the game-changing platform to get real-time insights into its clients' market share data

SurveyAuto (now, a start-up established by Dr. Umar Saif, hit the headline in 2019 by receiving funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. has brought a disruptive business practice into the market where precise survey results are getting generated through technologies like geolocation, call records, hyperspectral imagery, and open street maps.

Dr. Saif, a computer scientist by profession, is a veteran in the field of AI and machine learning. He was named one of the top 35 young innovators in the world by the MIT Technology Review and received the Google Faculty Research Award in 2011. He was also bestowed with the honour called ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum in 2010.

He has also received the MIT Technovator Award, Mark Weiser Award, IDG Technology Pioneer Award and the British Council Outstanding Alumni Award.

A True Disruptor has emerged as the game-changing platform to get real-time insights into its clients’ market share data.

“We combine the market share and your secondary sales data to identify the non-performing routes, stores, and SKUs. Turn your retail audit data into granular, actionable and timely insights, for your sales and marketing teams,” the company commented.

Talking about’s key products, you have AiQ RGM, which helps its clients to unlock the power of retail audit data with its cutting-edge analytics tool.

The clients (mostly retail ones), get the much-needed help through AiQ RGM, when it comes to having data-based decision making these businesses’ marketing and sales teams.

“Interpret your consumer panel behaviour data combining it with your secondary sales, trade promotions and marketing spend to get the right insights into your retail universe,” commented.

AiQ RGM works on four principles, ‘Consumer Panel Behavior’, ‘Retail Audit Data’, ‘Trade Promotions’ and ‘Marketing Spend’.

AiQ RGM helps clients to formulate their product launch and sales-based strategic planning in four stages. In stage one, the client businesses get regular highlights of their market performances and their impact on their market shares. Then in stage two, these businesses make informed decisions to plan their next set of activities to increase their market share.

The next action comes in the form of these businesses equipping their sales teams with the technology that pinpoints the opportunities for the latter to execute the market goals. The last step is all about these clients getting information about their market share changes well ahead of time, and taking corrective measures as per that.

In short, AiQ RGM enables its clients to stay ahead of their competitors by leveraging the power of having real-time market data, which helps these businesses to constantly stay updated with the ongoing market trends, the changing business dynamics and take corrective measures as per the inputs. claims to give the retailers a 3% increased market share on average, along with a 12% overall increased presence in their respective sectors, through AiQ RGM.

The next solution offered by is AiQ RTM. Here the game goes to the next level as the client businesses get to design their market strategy through cutting-edge data harnessing technologies, a process which helps these businesses to map their retail universes as per the prevalent socio-economic and population situations.

How Does AiQ RTM Work?

Using AiQ RTM, the client business gets a fair idea about the population density around its retail universe, which then helps the venture to plan its marketing route in a better manner.

“Our RTM platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem for conducting surveys. Users can leverage this feature to gather data from their current universe or to onboard new stores through the survey process,” stated.

“Our dashboard provides real-time updates for surveys and market research conducted on the platform. This eliminates the need to wait until the end of the day or month to access survey results and enables users to make data-driven decisions quickly,” it remarked further.

“Our dashboard allows real-time tracking of team performance and movement. This feature enables users to set up and monitor KPIs for their team, improving performance management and decision-making,” the company said, while adding, “Our platform allows users to design surveys according to their specific requirements. The surveys can be customized with multiple types of questions to collect the necessary data, which can be conducted by the field team.”

Surveys, market research and census are the three tools used by AiQ RTM to guide its clients.

The businesses can build surveys according to their field teams’ requirements, followed by the evaluation of these teams’ ground performances. Also, with the help of AiQ RTM, the client businesses can quickly execute surveys by sending the questionnaires to the handheld devices of their field teams, thus making the whole process paperless, while optimizing the survey areas/routes, to cover the target audiences, a cost and time efficient solution for the field staffers. Here, elements like geolocation, call records, hyperspectral imagery, and open street maps come into play. In Recent News

The data analytics start-up’s new destination will be the fast-moving consumer goods market in Africa, a sector which is known for having high consumer demand throughout the year.

Africa has now been identified as an emerging FMCG market, but it lacks basic data essential for running a profitable retail business. Ventures struggle in this part of the world due to the absence of reliable information on crucial operational metrics like market size, consumer profiles, number and location of retail outlets, changes in market share etc.

The start-up has disrupted the market by eliminating the cost and delay of manual data collection, thus enabling established FMCG players like Reckitt, Pepsi and Unilever to run optimised business operations through the platform.

The Road Ahead

The global data analytics industry for FMCGs will exceed the value barrier of USD 30 Billion by 2023. is seen as a driver of this industry as it has already served FMCG clients like Unilever, PepsiCo, Redbull, Reckitt, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International, and the start-up’s data mining efforts have been lauded by these industry giants.

Dr. Umar Saif and his team are rapidly expanding their company’s operations in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East with several of its existing clients.

Emerging markets currently account for 55% of the global consumer spending on consumer-packaged goods, and by 2028, consumer spending in these markets will reportedly grow three times as quickly as that in the developed economies.

AiSight is using predictive analytics to track millions of products in every shop within a country, and generating real-time corrective market actions, actions which will help its clients to identify and cash on the chances to increase their revenues by expanding product distributions, improving sales targets, optimising trade promotions, minimising out-of-stock shops, or refining assortment.

All these functions will give aiSight’s client venture the much-needed market edge over its competitors, apart from setting the tone of client surveys in the FMCG sector, in terms of harnessing the best of the technology.

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