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Is artificial intelligence helping employees? Let’s find out the truth

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The true impact of artificial intelligence on daily work life is still a complex story that depends on a number of interrelated factors, despite the leaders' generally optimistic outlook

According to new research, businesses are reportedly in agreement about the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which suggests that the technology will start to have an impact on a large number of businesses in the second half of 2024.

According to a Zendesk study, nearly four out of five IT and HR leaders think AI has already greatly increased workers’ quality of work.

A similar proportion, around 84%, say employee experience technology has produced a positive return on investment during 2023.

Even though the advantages of artificial intelligence are frequently discussed, the report also emphasised how crucial it is for businesses to use data-centric strategies in order to maximise the benefits of AI.

Is Artificial Intelligence Helpful In The Workplace?

Chief Information Officer of Zendesk, Craig Flower feels that instead of wondering when AI may be useful, companies should now be asking themselves how to use it most effectively.

An AI-augmented workforce is the first of three major trends the study report identifies as driving what it terms the intelligent employee experience era.

AI is now viewed by four out of five employee experience leaders (81%) as being crucial to enhancing employees’ capacity to handle challenging tasks.

“We’re entering a new era where AI doesn’t replace human effort but elevates it, creating workplaces that are more intelligent and empathetic,” Flower said, as reported by TechRadar.

Zendesk also emphasised the shift from general, one-size-fits-all solutions to more customised and adaptable ones.

“AI is actively redefining our workplace to be more supportive and efficient for every team member no matter where they are,” Caroline Jessen, Zendesk’s Chief People and Diversity Officer, stated.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, adopting a data-driven approach. Zendesk confirmed that in order to support leaders is maximising productivity and employee happiness, there is an increasing need for precise metrics.

The true impact of artificial intelligence on daily work life is still a complex story that depends on a number of interrelated factors, despite the leaders’ generally optimistic outlook. However, the report’s message is consistent with previous research on the effectiveness of AI: a strong foundation is essential to producing quantifiable results.

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