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Huawei pursues Latam expansion with Cloud debut in Brazil

Huawei cloud Brazil
Huawei’s new service will help Latin American companies to digitally transform

China-based multi-national technology giant Huawei has launched its AI-backed cloud services in Brazil. The launch of the new service is part of Huawei’s broader expansion plan in the Latin American country.

Besides launching its cloud services, Huawei is also looking to develop 5G infrastructure in Brazil.

Business development manager at Huawei Cloud, Erik Schanz told the media, “Huawei’s technological capacity has allowed it to develop its cloud services in 11 regions around the globe, including Mexico, Chile and now Brazil. We have positioned ourselves in Brazil, and in Latin America in general, to cater to all companies that are marching towards digital transformation.”

He added, “Cloud computing is an essential factor in driving the digital transformation of companies. That’s why we are determined to disseminate the Huawei Cloud concept as an innovative platform that can, as a result, contribute to the country’s economic development.”

Erik Schanz also pointed out that in Brazil, Huawei will compete with American giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google who also provide clouding solutions in the reason.

With regard to the development of 5G infrastructure in Brazil, China’s Ambassador to Brazil Yang Wanming said that China is confident Brazil will take a decision based on its own interest and allow Huawei to develop a 5G ecosystem in the country.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is also scheduled to meet his Brazilian counterpart during an upcoming BRICS summit.
With regard to 5G, Huawei will compete with the likes of Ericsson and Nokia who are also eyeing the Brazilian market.

Local media in Brazil sees Huawei as a leading contender as Brazil plans to commence 5G auction next year.

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