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Start-up of the Week: Meet intella, MENA’s first real-time data intelligence provider

Using intella's solutions, its client businesses can customize their own target audience attributes, before making crucial strategic decisions

Dubbed as the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s first real-time data intelligence provider, intella’s specialisation lies in decoding the data through real-time market research and providing actionable intelligence to its client companies.

The Egyptian start-up recently secured USD 3.4 million worth of capital in a funding round, led by Saudi-based HALA Ventures and Wa’ed Ventures, the venture arm of energy biggie Aramco.

In today’s episode of the ‘Start-up of the Week’, International Finance will talk about the venture, which enables direct engagement with both niche and vast consumer audiences through its vast data ecosystem. Using intella’s solutions, its client businesses can customize their own target audience attributes, before making crucial strategic decisions.

Entering Intella’s Domain

The start-up, as of October 2023, has delivered over 155 surveys across industry verticals in over seven nations. Ventures like Huawei, Rua Al Madinah Holding and Farm Fresh are in business ties with this Egyptian tech enterprise, established in 2021.

Be it conducting generalized consumer research through surveys, polls and quizzes or narrowing down the focus area of the same market study among a target audience through in-depth interviews, intella has established an unmatched expertise in the domain of data intelligence.

Among its key products, let’s begin with ‘intella Research’, where the Egyptian start-up enables rich market research by providing its clients with access to the company’s on-demand surveys and verified online community.

“Intella operates at both scale and speed, collecting our data digitally and sharing our insights in real-time,” the tech company remarked.

Understanding the 21st century business’ requirement of accessing fast and accurate market data to make proactive decisions, intella enables its clients to build their target audience profile and upload the questions/survey goals, following which intella takes over and enables its customers to monitor the real-time survey results.

“Whether you want our help in running the focus group or recruiting for it only, we are always here for you. We help you strengthen your brand performance by tracking your brand equity and using data to optimize your brand performance,” it added further.

Survey insights get delivered in real-time through digital dashboards as they are captured, which enables the intella client to monitor the progress and request any changes on the questions/objectives as the data gets populated.

The tech company currently has over 70,000 network users in Saudi Arabia alone, and intella uses this advantage, for example, to tap into various user profiles and enable its Clients to customize their target audience according to their project objectives.

“All the data captured is verifiable and traceable. In addition to the panellists being vetted on our system, we use advanced machine-learning technologies to ensure the highest level of data accuracy. Such tools include monitoring response time, measuring hesitation and patterns,” the venture remarked further.

The venture’s tech-driven market research, which also allows for user re-targeting, surpasses its traditional counterpart on parameters like providing real-time market insights, data accuracy, dynamic survey adaptations and fraud protection.

Seamless Connecting Businesses With Customers

Let’s talk about the ‘intella chat’ which is a one-stop system connecting a client business instantly with its customers.

“The system allows for monitoring, chatting and tracking user engagement across a party’s (client venture’s) digital assets with an ability to track and identify their behaviour across different channels,” intella described its chatbot in these words.

The chatbot, which requires a set-up time of five minutes, monitors the client business’ website visitors in real-time, apart from localizing the messages as per the venture’s geographical location, with a quick response rate.

The chatbot enables real-time data collection through the business client’s digital channels, including those on the cloud. With this data, the ventures can then analyze their business performances, flag anomalies and resolve issues, apart from utilizing their branding to offer a product/service without investing in infrastructure/technology creation around the solution.

Last but not least, we have ‘intella Voice’, which is driven by state-of-the-art machine learning. The start-up has claimed the product as the most accurate multi-dialect Arabic transcribing service which converts speech to text.

“Voice accurately transcribes voice conversations in localized Arabic dialects, all with a simple click of a button. Since it’s built on advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing models, it also gets smarter every time you use it,” the venture stated further.

The product turns voice data into insightful and searchable data, apart from enhancing employee efficiency by automating the transcription, ensuring faster and more accurate capturing of insights, which in turn, boosts the content value.

“We offer the most accurate voice-to-text transcription engine encompassing all 25 Arab dialects. We’ve put ourselves up against the best-in-class providers and conducted an internal test based on 30,000 plus hours of multi-dialect Arabic audio that showed a huge leap in our accuracy. A leap that puts us well above our competitors,” intella remarked.

The Road Ahead

The USD 3.4 million worth capital injection will put Intella in a strategically better position in the Saudi and Gulf markets, as the deployment of AI-powered products slowly takes centre stage in MENA’s economic diversification efforts.

Intella will be relocating its headquarters to Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom, as a part of its ‘Vision 2030’ roadmap, envisions itself to become the Gulf’s technology hub in next seven years.

Intella’s Voice system has achieved a 95.73% accuracy rate after extensive testing rounds involving 30,000 hours of Arabic audio. This accuracy rate has reportedly surpassed the parameters of similar products developed by tech giants like Google and IBM Watson.

Intella aims to lead the way in Arabic voice technology, and the latest funding success brings the venture closer to its goal of aligning the MENA region with global tech advancements. Indeed, good days are ahead for the tech company.

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