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MTN reaches 95% 4G coverage across South Africa

MTN 4G South Africa
The telco invested R40 billion over the last four years to improve network coverage and quality

Mobile network operator MTN has announced that it has reached 95 percent coverage in South Africa when it comes to its 4G network.

As MTN celebrates its 25th anniversary, the company in a statement said that it has reached 95 percent 4G coverage across South Africa – giving almost all of South Africa access to new and disruptive online services through a global, high-performing network.

The company also revealed that it has broad 3G coverage in rural South Africa.

Over the years MTN has worked extensively to improve its connectivity reach, especially its 4G coverage in South Africa. In the last four years, the telco has invested around R40 billion to improve its network coverage and quality. It has adopted a new pricing method to stay competitive in the fast-growing telecom market.

MTN South Africa’s microwave link network serves more than 70 percent of the businesses in the country. Its fibre network spans over 18, 000 kilometres and has the capacity to serve almost 30 percent of the businesses in South Africa.

MTN South Africa CEO Godfrey Motsa told the media that, “Our network modernisation programme has come at the perfect time. It will enable clients to extend their computer networks over large distances and to connect remote branch offices to data centres and each other and to deliver the applications and services required to boost functionality.”

He added, “Our network is future-ready as we look forward to the next 25 years as South Africa’s best and most trusted network. We plan to roll out new digital business models to make sure value creation is shared and the benefits of the digital economy truly uplift and benefit many more lives.”

Last month, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa fined MTN R5 million over an alleged corporate non-compliance. In 2015, MTN was fined in Nigeria for a similar offence.

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