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Meet Dr. Majida Alazzi, a businesswoman behind ‘Made in UAE’ electric car AI Damani DV300

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Dr. Majida and other prominent leaders formally erected the nation's first-ever electric vehicle production facility in DIC in March.

All thanks to Dr. Majida Alazzi, chairwoman of the M Glory Holding Group, UAE now has it’s own ‘Made in UAE’ electric car.

The electrical vehicle has been named the AI Damani DV300. The first batch of cars is expected to cove a top speed of 160 km and 450 km on a single charge.

Dr. Majida and other prominent leaders formally erected the nation’s first-ever electric vehicle production facility in DIC in March. By 2024, the factory will be completed. A makeshift plant will also be used to produce DMV300 in the interim.

There have already been thousands of orders placed. The temporary plant can produce 8 to 10 automobiles per day and 10,000 cars annually. The primary facility will have the capacity to produce 50,000–70,000 automobiles annually.

Dr. Majida is the first woman from the Emirati nation to receive a practice doctorate in business administration from UAE University in supply chain management and manufacturing. She is also the CEO of several businesses and has previously worked for the government and semi-government organizations.

She founded Sandstorm Motor Vehicles Manufacturing, a car factory, in order to pursue her desire of being an industrial pioneer.

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and robots in the production of electric vehicles, the company hopes to profit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution and sustainability (EVs).

The new facility is an addition to its portfolio, which already includes sustainable real estate as well as robotics engineering and artificial intelligence.

EVs provide a number of advantages, such as enhancing air quality, lowering noise pollution, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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