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Awards are important: Why your business should want to win?

Awards can enhance the credibility of the brand as well as increase visibility

As a business leader you know recognition is important. You want your company to win awards, but you’re not sure it’s a good investment in time or money. But awards can be beneficial for you and your business. Why, you ask?

Awards come with tangible benefits such as workshops, coaching, advice or membership in an association. It can also lead to enhanced credibility for the brand or the business as well as increased visibility. There is a vast variety of awards to choose from whether it’s local or national. They could be industry based or demand very specific criteria.

With company resources sometimes stretched, putting your business forward for awards is not always top of your mind. In such cases, a B2B public relations agency can help. Here are five reasons why entering your company for an award could be a good idea:

Benchmarking with others in your industry – Sometimes the application process is simple and easy, other times, not so much. Either way, entering the arena and trying to win a business award allows you the opportunity to compare your company with others in your industry. The entire exercise of nominating your business could hold more value for your company than actually winning the award.

Awards increase credibility for your company – Winning a business award provides a credible third party endorsement for your company. Depending upon how prestigious the award is, it could give a stamp of approval on your business. Customers and vendor partners will feel better about their business relationship with your company.

Free or inexpensive PR and marketing – Awards can be an overlooked tool in your business toolbox. Simply being listed as a nominee for an award can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Winning an award opens doors to new business and new contacts.

Employees feel better too – Staff morale and motivation often improve when a company wins a business award. Celebrate the victory with your employees. You all deserve it.

Awards help with recruiting – Business awards can help a business attract the best talent. Everyone wants to work for a winner.

Awards celebrate hard work and success and are great PR opportunities. However, it’s not just winning the award that counts. The process of being nominated is often worth the effort.

If any of the above resonates with you and your business, we at International Finance would love to talk with you. By working with a leading global media services provider, clients of International Finance enjoy maximum visibility through vibrant outreach exercises that include print and online advertisements, print and online native advertising, newsletter promotions, exclusive media visibility partnerships in key markets, and acknowledgment of corporate excellence through the annual International Finance Awards, we know we can deliver awards for your business to bring you what you richly deserve.

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