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Nyandarua County reconnects water supply for residents

Nyandarua water supply
More than 15,000 Nyandarua residents were benefitted after the government cleared Sh1.5 mn water bills

Residents of Nyandarua County now have their water supply reconnected after it cleared Sh1.5 million water bills, media reports said. More than 15,000 Nyandarua residents will benefit from the bill clearance.

This is to ensure the residences at Nyandarua County have access to clean and safe water during the Covid-19 pandemic. The water projects which were reconnected are located in Kipipiri, Ol Kalou, Ol Joro Orok and Ndaragwa constituencie, media reports said.

It appears that the Mugumo Water Project in Rurii had to pay Kenya Power and Lighting Company Sh151,000. That said, Kandoro project in Leshau Pondo ward had arrears worth Sh89,000. In addition, projects in Malewa had arrears of Sh51,000, while Weru and Ex-Jcom Dam had to clear Sh121,000 and Sh121,000 respectively.

Several families in the county depend on water projects. Under the given circumstances, those families were unable to earn money to meet their daily needs and pay electricity bills, media reports said. It is reported that water metres were disturbed as a diversion to not pay for the water consumed.

With that, it is important that the administration takes charge hereafter. However, several developments have taken place in the country in recent months. Governor Kimemia told the media, “Our aim is not only to green the lake, but also generate revenue from tourism. I am directing the relevant department to promote water sports and hospitality facilities to renew the area. We also have a programme to give our youths water packaging equipment that will help them brand their mineral water to sell and earn a living.”

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