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Start-up of the Week: ‘Young’ Yassir becomes North Africa’s ‘Superapp’

Yassir has more than 8 million users and 130,000 service partners, while rapidly expanding in Algeria, Canada, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and South Africa

In today’s episode of the ‘Start-up of the Week‘, International Finance will talk about Yassir, which was founded by Algerian Stanford PhD graduate Noureddine Tayebi and has become a Superapp, along with earning the status of one of the most valuable start-ups in North Africa (and one of the highest valued in the Middle East and North Africa region).

Yassir, which means ‘easy’ in Arabic, is known for offering on-demand services like ride-hailing, food/grocery delivery, and payments, in six countries and 50 cities. The venture is highly popular in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Yassir, as of November 2023, has more than 8 million users and 130,000 service partners, while rapidly expanding in Algeria, Canada, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and South Africa.

“Three out of five on-demand activities in Algeria, its first market, are made via the platform. The super app, which has 8 million users and 100,000 partners, raised USD 150 million last year, and is moving into banking and payments,” Yassir remarked.

Knowing The Superapp In Detail

Under ‘Yassir Express’, the venture delivers a variety of products, be it food items, electronic devices, cosmetic goods, bakery items, grocery and pet products or toys through a selection of stores and brand chains.

Using the app, the customer can search the store for the product he/she desires to order, choose the goods and fill the product basket, and then issue the order.

‘Yassir Business’ ensures that the client companies undertake professional travels at a lower cost and less effort.

“The trips of your employees are recorded in real time and at the expense of the company without having to present an invoice for each trip,” Yassir explained the service through these words.

Through ‘Yassir Business’, the client businesses no longer need to have a fleet of cars to manage their employees’ journeys. Yassir’s new, clean and comfortable vehicles, accompanied by professional and experienced drivers, will do the heavy lifting.

The solution also enables the businesses to eliminate cash for their employees’ travels, while maintaining a better follow-up and analysis of the transportation costs. In fact, the clients can also exercise their discretion on whether the business journey is needed or not, thereby controlling their expenses further.

“Have visibility and better tracking of personnel transportation costs. Reduce your car fleet costs by digitalizing the process via Yassir Business,” the start-up commented further.

Knowing The Venture’s Partner Network

As mentioned earlier, Yassir operates through a network of ‘Service Partners’. The model operates in a way where the service partners don’t need to report to managers in an office set-up. They become their own bosses.

All these professionals need to do is download the ‘Yassir Chauffeur’ mobile app and enter their personal information and the data on their vehicles. Yassir then contacts these individuals to receive their applications and train them.

The candidates need to submit documents like a vehicle registration card, vehicle inspection card, insurance card, background check record, proof of residency, health certificate, driver’s license and vehicle owner authorization.

And yes, the candidate’s car has to be clean and safe, apart from having the dual airbag (a must). After the inspection, the candidate gets trained on using the Yassir Chauffeur app.

To become a ‘Delivery Partner’, the applicant needs to have prior field experience, apart from possessing a two-wheeler and a driver’s licence. Restaurants too can include themselves in Yassir’s ‘Partner Network’ by filling up an online form, where they need to mention information like their contact details, owner’s name, cuisine they are specialised in etc.

Yassir In News

In August 2023, French football giant Paris Saint-Germain signed a global partnership deal with Yassir, something which will help the start-up to shore up its brand value.

For the three football seasons, North Africa’s largest on-demand services and payments company will benefit from the visibility due to the brand presence PSG has.

“As part of the rights acquired, Yassir will feature on the LEDs in the legendary Parc des Princes stadium and will have the opportunity to address Paris Saint-Germain’s 200 million followers, one of the largest communities in world sport, live on social media in a bid to attract even more customers with its innovative campaigns,” both the signatories informed the media.

Now, in November 2023, Yassir raises USD 150 million in Series B funding from a series of prominent global investors. The investment round was led by BOND, with participation from DN Capital, Dorsal Capital, Quiet Capital, Stanford Alumni Ventures (aka Spike Ventures) and Y Combinator.

Since 2017, the venture has raised USD 193.25 million and now has become the most valuable start-up in North Africa, and one of the highest-valued companies in Africa and the Middle East. Building upon these successes, Yassir now plans to expand its reach into the MENA region further.

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