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Start-up of the Week: Eligma revolutionising digital currency sector with its ‘GoCrypto’

GoCrypto is currently providing services in 70 countries and possesses over 300 million users, while supporting payments in over 50 cryptocurrencies

Eligma, powered by the United Kingdom-based Elly, has been a new revolution in the blockchain and bitcoin sector, in terms of helping its customers, in terms of using a cryptocurrency, that isn’t driven by public demand.

Eligma has hit headlines by setting new standards for Bitcoin and blockchain, apart from powering Slovenia’s latest Bitcoin City project. The start-up is now aiming to use blockchain technology to establish communication standards for crypto payment networks.

Knowing Elly POS Terminal

Elly POS Terminal is basically a touchscreen terminal with the latest state-of-the-art payment technology and minimalistic design. It has features like a docking station, WiFi connectivity, mobile SIM card plan, 10-hour battery life and a five-inch HD touch screen.

“Seamless transitions from mobile data to WiFI allow a fully mobile checkout experience. Get paid at the counter or on the terrace. The choice is yours,” the company states on its website, as it explains the pre-loaded SIM card aspect of the Elly POS Terminal.

The POS also offers other salient services such as ‘Accept Tips’, ‘Connect to Cash Register’ (enabling Elly’s clients to connect their existing cash registers with the start-up’s API), ‘Become a Crypto Exchange’ (where Elly clients can become a part of the crypto industry) and ‘Buy now Pay Later’.

“We combined payment methods and POS services into one single solution, transforming the POS terminal into a tool that will help your business grow,” the company stated on its website.

Eligma’s payment partners include Binance Pay,, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

GoCrypto: Masterstroke From Eligma

“GoCrypto is the fastest growing crypto payment network providing zero volatility risk for the merchant,” this is how the venture described ‘GoCtypto’ on its website.

GoCrypto is basically an all-in-one software and point-of-sale solution, which accepts all types of payment transactions for “brick-and-mortar & online stores”.

“Our smart POS terminal supports crypto, card, and digital payments. Its intuitive system lets you instantly expand your offer with the newest payment trends and process transactions from you store or on the go,” the venture states.

GoCrypto is currently providing services in 70 countries and possesses over 300 million users, while supporting payments in over 50 cryptocurrencies.

It is operating as a global payment scheme connecting all the stakeholders. Crypto wallets, exchanges, cashier system providers, payment solution providers and merchants, everyone is a part of GoCrypto’s connected ecosystem.

E-commerce platforms get free crypto payment plugins and customers are provided with custom solutions as per their needs. These platforms can also make their own payment solutions by integrating GoCrypto’s customized payment services under their own brands. This will help these businesses to level up their point-of-sale, apart from offering the customers a superior user experience, when it comes to personalized online shopping.

Understanding GoCrypto In Detail

GoCrypto’s solutions include ‘Smart POS Application’ (helps customers add cryptocurrency to their list of payment methods through the venture’s revolutionary point-of-sale application), ‘eCommerce’ (feature which enables crypto payments for online stores on major e-commerce platforms, apart from offering free payment gateway plug-ins), Web POS (this lets the users accept crypto on the user’s phone/tablet/computer) and ‘Cash register integration’ (under this, businesses can accept cryptocurrency payments through their cash register system).

GoCrypto also has an analytical tool called ‘Manager’, which performs a full overview of the clients’ businesses, starting from latters’ payment transactions and payout history, apart from providing detailed analytical data and advanced filtering possibilities for these ventures.

GoCrypto also has its own tokens, under an ecosystem called ‘GoC tokenomics’, where these tokens get transformed into ‘true utility gems’. The tokenomics offers services like payments, NFT minting and staking to referral programs and DAO governance.

GoC token is a multichain utility token issued on the Bitcoin Cash (SLP) blockchain, Smart Bitcoin Cash (smartBCH), BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC).

“The GoCrypto (GoC) token is a multichain utility token issued on the Bitcoin Cash (SLP) blockchain, Smart Bitcoin Cash (smartBCH), BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC),” the venture states.

The ecosystem consists of ‘GoC Bridge’ (enabling the fast and secure transfer of the GoC token between multiple chains), ‘GoCrypto 1.0’ (facility helping Elly Wallet users to shop at physical and online stores in selected countries, following which they receive a tokenback reward) and GoCrypto 2.0 (decentralised payment protocol),

“Users can mint unique NFTs which bring them benefits in the scope of the ‘Refer to Earn’ program and allow for participation in the DAO governance. Once they hold an NFT, users can stake their GoC tokens – NFTs can be upgraded by staking additional GoC or traded on the NFT marketplaces,” GoCrypto remarked.

“Each of the minted NFTs has its own ID number and provides users with a unique referral link which can be used to refer new merchants to start accepting payments via the GoCrypto 2.0 Decentralized Payments protocol. Referred merchants are linked to the NFT that provides the owner of the NFT with the share of transaction fees generated by the merchant for as long as the merchant is active. Additionally, NFTs also have a power level which is based on how much GoC token a user stakes and in which of the available pools. The power level of the NFT determines how much DAO voting power the owner of the NFT has,” it added further.

GoC token holders can also enjoy discounted prices in the GoCrypto merchandise store. The merchandise store also showcases GoCrypto’s decentralized eCommerce solution as a plugin.

GoCrypto Poised For Its Metaverse Debut

GoCrypto is setting up its first metaverse offices in the 21 stories high virtual crypto skyscraper called Bloktopia.

“Our offices will be situated on the 3rd floor, lot 44, showcasing GoCrypto’s products, hosting community events, and offering advanced features, such as GoC token trading & staking and more,” GoCrypto remarked.

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