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‘Crocodile’ takes oath as the second Zimbabwe President since its independence

Emmerson Mnangagwa acquires Presidential position replacing Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe has got its new President Emmerson Mnangagwa who will steer the wheel of the country towards the citizens ‘new Zimbabwe’.

Mnangagwa, who is nicknamed as the ‘crocodile’, addressed thousands of people at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, said that he is ‘deeply humbled’ for the role. Zimbabwe has been going through a deep economic turmoil and needs immediate attention to stabilise the economy. Pertaining to this scenario, Mnangagwa stated that he would perform the task of ‘rebuilding’ the country.

“I am required to serve our country as the president of all citizens regardless of colour, creed, religion, tribe, totem or political affiliation,” he said.

Although the former President Mugabe took away his position of Vice President, Mnangagwa addressed him to the crowd as “a father, mentor, comrade-in-arms and my leader”. Mugabe was nowhere to be seen at the inauguration.

Mnangagwa who was accompanied by his wife Auxilia, was assisted by Chief Justice Luke Malaba to take the oath of office by saying that he would ‘be faithful to Zimbabwe’ and ‘protect and promote the rights and people of Zimbabwe’.

Even though Mnangagwa has been made the President, in his speech he vowed that elections would be held as planned.


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