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South African President Jacob Zuma’s position in troubled waters

South Africa, Jacob Zuma
Mr Zuma denies stepping down, says Julius Malema

South African President Jacob Zuma who is wrapped up with corruption allegations is under hefty pressure to step down from his position.

In December, Cyril Ramaphosa replaced Mr Zuma as an ANC leader.

On Sunday senior members of his ANC party discussed the issue. The six most senior figures of the governing ANC party went to President Zuma’s residence in Pretoria on Sunday. But details were not disclosed.

Today, party leaders will hold an emergency meeting to further discuss the concern.

The process of formally removing him from the position will be initiated through a formal recall or by introducing a motion in parliament. All that is known about Mr Zuma’s reaction to the whole situation is from a Twitter post of Julius Malema, an opposition leader and former member of ANC. Mr Malema’s Twitter post said:

“He refused to resign and he told them to take a decision to remove him if they so wish to do so because he didn’t do anything wrong to the country. He’s arguing that he complied with all legal instructions including paying back the money, what more do they want from him.”

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