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Tesco to lay off 1000 jobs

This is part of changes that will reduce the number of distribution centres in UK from 25 to 23

January 10, 2017: As a part of the revamp of its distribution network, Tesco says 1,000 people are to be laid off. The changes, according to the company, form part of a wider programme of transformation, which has been taking place over the last two years. The proposed changes will reduce the number of Tesco distribution centres from 25 to 23 in the UK.

The company, however, expects to create 500 jobs.

The revamp of Tesco’s logistics involves the closure of distribution centres in Welham Green, Hertfordshire and Chesterfield. Welham Green’s grocery operations will move to the Reading distribution centre while the majority of general merchandising will move to one distribution centre at Middlesbrough.

Tesco is also withdrawing from a warehouse shared with logistics firm DHL in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Clothing operations there will move to the nearby Tesco Daventry distribution centre.

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