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Oman LNG and Shell to deliver the Sultanate’s first carbon-neutral LNG cargo

The first carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo will be delivered to the Middle East from Oman LNG’s export facility in Qalhat, Sur

Keeping up with its vigorous efforts of delivering clean, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly energy, Oman LNG has signed an important agreement with Royal Dutch Shell to deliver Middle East’s first carbon-neutral liquified natural gas (LNG) cargo, which will be delivered from Oman LNG’s export facility in Qalhat, Sur.

Oman LNG tweeted the first carbon-neutral LNG from the Middle East is using nature-based carbon credits to offset the full lifecycle of C02 emissions that are generated across the LNG value chain. The primary goal of nature-based projects is to protect, transform, or restore land and enable nature to add oxygen and absorb Co2 emissions from our atmosphere. This leads to the creation of carbon credits, where each credit represents the removal of harmful greenhouse gases.

Talking about this important milestone to the media, Oman’s LNG chairman, Talal Al Awfi said, “We are delighted to deliver the Sultanate’s first LNG carbon-neutral cargo. This forward-looking step reflects Oman LNG’s commitment to be a pioneer in decarbonisation, which complements the Sultanate’s Vision ‘Oman 2040’, on the environmental preservation front. Oman LNG will continue its journey delivering world-class business performance, safety, efficiency, and decarbonisation efforts. It’s great to achieve this milestone.”

According to experts, the current energy landscape of the world is extremely challenging and it is imperative that the energy companies need to put in serious effort and adopt the most efficient practices to remain reliable and agile suppliers to customers while striving towards a more sustainable future.

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