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McOttley Capital leads the way in Ghana

Heralding a new era in investment advisory

Mustapha Mensah & Gloria Ofosu-Kusi

McOttley Capital Limited, the investment wing of McOttley Group of Companies, over the past several years has carved a distinctive niche for itself in the investment industry due to the impeccable service it offers its clients. Both corporate and individual clients throughout Ghana have come to associate McOttley Capital with unparalleled performance and quality of service.

As a testament to this, McOttley was recently recognized for its commitment to quality, leadership, technology, innovation and excellence by the BID Group in Geneva, Switzerland when it was bestowed with the 2015 BID Group International Star Award for Quality. This has made the firm, which was founded to provide the investment industry with robust, unique and economically versatile investment solutions, an exemplary model for others.

The firm has over the years provided services to its clients amongst, which are investment advisory service, research and due diligence and corporate finance services. McOttley Capital provides Investment Advisory Services to institutions and corporations to allow them to make shrewd and defining investment decisions on their personal investments and corporate financial issues.

The exhaustive research, due diligence and market analysis of the global and national economic atmosphere conducted by their highly competent research professionals serve as a financial compass, which effectively directs them as to which investment route to guide their clients and enable them reach their investment time horizon. Wholly taking into consideration their fiduciary responsibility, they are also able to offer their own expert and masterfully devised products to their clients where appropriate.

Knowing the client

Investors typically are exposed to a high level of investment risk in meeting their personal and corporate investment objectives. McOttley Investment Advisory Services seek to limit the risk by focusing on broad diversification with a disciplined approach. McOttley has the professional expertise to help clients achieve both their short-term and long-term investment goals. Together with their clients, they clearly establish their investment time horizon and goals, tolerance for risk, prudence and diversification  standards on which to preserve their investment process. McOttley Investment Advisory Services support clients and meet their investment philosophy by offering services which include:

  • Venture Capital Financing
  • Private Equity Financing
  • Corporate Valuations and Share Pricing
  • Corporate Restructuring and Turn-around
  • Fund Management
  • Capital Market analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

The Investment Advisory Services offer critical and thorough assessment of the investment objectives and address the expectations of clients.

McOttley Capital: Where the client is king

One key factor that has succeeded in setting McOttley Capital apart as a distinguished institution is quality client service. At McOttley Capital, they never lose sight of the fact that their success as a company is greatly attributed to their cherished clients, and they always ensure that they treat customers with the best of service. At McOttley, the client is indeed king. Every member of the staff of the firm conscientiously works to guarantee excellence in client service. Whether clients come in with simple enquiries concerning their investments decisions or with the intention of investing, they are fully attended to. Clients are enlightened on the numerous options available for investing by way of product portfolio. They are convinced of the track record of McOttley Capital, and therefore entrust their investment with the firm.

McOttley Capital believes that one never gets a second chance to make a first impression and ensure that their clients’ first impression of them is a lasting and worthy one. By always prioritising their clients, giving them their fullest attention and offering every bit of help they can offer, they endeavour to support them to achieve whatever financial goals they may have.

In a company where going the extra mile is in their DNA, clients do not unduly worry about their maturities, roll-overs or any other administrative processes for their investments; staff make these processes as simple as possible. Clients are personally contacted for directives on maturities a week prior to the specific dates, all redemption or roll-over intentions are promptly handled requiring only clients’ instructions.

At McOttley, clients are not just customers but individuals whose every transaction with them and slightest sliver of trust placed in them have built this company brick by brick, and helped them rise to the heights they have reached. Their occasional courtesy phone calls and visits to their clients to check on their welfare, complimentary gifts of opening a collective investment scheme account for their high-net worth clients, dispatching presents to clients on special occasions and distinct programmes designed to revolve around their clients, such as their Customer Service Week, are all in a bid to ensure they build a solid relationship with their clients to enable them serve their clients better.

The firm also embarks on programmes to present themselves to their clients by visiting schools, churches, corporate bodies and individuals to ensure that what they represent and can provide them by way of seamless capital solutions are readily available to them.

These activities and engagements on which they embark on behalf of their clients, to ensure their complete satisfaction with the service they provide them, are not simply things they do but are the cogs that drive the organisation and its growth.

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