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MEDGULF wins the best CSR program award in Saudi Arabia

MEDGULF’s CSR program is aligned with international standards

The Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance and Reinsurance Company, also known as MEDGULF is one of the Kingdom’s largest insurance companies and is licensed and controlled by the Saudi central bank. MEDGULF provides a wide range of products and services which include cooperative health, motor, property and other insurance and reinsurance services. MEDGULF has been providing the retail and institutional markets with comprehensive insurance coverage for the last three decades. The company offers various insurance solutions that suit most industries from engineering, aviation and industrials to motor, property insurance as well as healthcare.

Recently, MEDGULF was awarded the ‘Most Socially Responsible Health Insurance Company – Saudi Arabia 2021’ by International Finance Magazine. Mr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al Khattaf, the head of administration and labor committee at MEDGULF discusses with International Finance the company’s award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

When did MEDGULF start implementing its CSR program, and what are the phases it went through to earn the International finance award?
MEDGULF has embraced the corporate responsibility concept since years ago. It was always an active contributor to the local community by presenting all support in different aspects. However, during the last few years, CSR activities have become more structured and hold a lucid vision. The actual turning point was after the pandemic when we put up pillars to our CSR program while taking care of all details. Eventually, we have a CSR program aligned with international standards.

All of that has qualified MEDGULF for the International finance award, which we earned recently.

What are the included aspects of the MEDGULF CSR program?
It is crucial to clarify this point. People think that CSR programs are only connected to social activities or initiatives. In MEDGULF, we have presented our own innovative CSR program, including 3 prime aspects: external, internal and environmental initiatives.
Regarding the external initiatives, which everyone knows, including our supportive activities to the local Saudi community. Whereas internal ones were taking care of MEDGULF staff. Moreover, environmental projects gave the required aid to nature since it is our first incubator as individuals, groups, corporates, and communities, whatever our goals are.

It is really impressive that the MEDGULF CSR program has run many things regarding the environmental aspects. What was your CSR program including in this area?
Initially, we held awareness workshops for our staff and executives to raise their awareness about the environment, recycling process, waste categories, and circular economy. These workshops have been held in collaboration with the Saudi investment recycling company.

Our social responsibility is not limited to workshops. We also worked on the ground by launching the initiatives of red sea cleaning (coast and beach). We hired several professional divers to accomplish this task, and we collected 1 ton of wastes in 300 meters area.

How MEDGULF contributed through its Award-winning CSR program in fighting the pandemic?
We had a real ethical commitment in standing up to the pandemic with the Saudi Ministry of Health during the pandemic days. That is why we deposited 3 million riyals to ensure our national role toward our nation and community which desperately needed all financial and moral support.

We have stimulated our staff to jabbed corona vaccine in collaboration with King Fahad Medical City. MEDGULF was the first insurance company to successfully give the first dose to 350 employees to create a safe and healthy work environment providing the necessary protection to staff and clients. All of that was within the frame of our CSR program.

We have talked about the environment and the corona crisis; can we have a glimpse of your internal CSR program?
Through our MEDGULF CSR program, we ran multiple in-house social initiatives that took care of our employees. For instance, we have launched an internal initiative to enable women which started in conjunction with the new direction of Saudi Arabia and vision 2030. It is important to MEDGULF to have a diverse workplace where women play a key role in making progress, bringing growth to our business, and taking the lead on leadership management positions.

We have another internal initiative, “Health & Safety program”. It included a series of workshops and training programs highlighting the importance of Health and Safety standards implementation within the MEDGULF work environment. Our training program covered different aspects: First aids, evacuation training in emergencies. We have also formed a health & safety committee that consists of 55 employees from various departments. This committee has made periodical diagnoses to double-check health and safety standards implementation in all MEDGULF facilities. Finally, we must not forget to mention the “Tamheer” program, which allowed 20 trainees to get professional training during 2020.

Did your CSR program cover other groups of the Saudi community?
For sure, we have achieved many other campaigns aiming at different groups in our community. For example, we had an agreement with the “Alber” association to hand over winter clothes to less-privileged families. As a result, we were able to deliver around 150 boxes of winter clothes. Also, we collaborated with the orphans’ care and the children with disabilities association to launch a campaign giving a 90 riyals deducted from every insurance policy. We have also given financial aid to the “Trahum” association which cares about prisoners’ families.

International finance offers multi-awards for insurance corporates. Does MEDGULF have any future plans to earn more awards in the upcoming years?
Wining the best CSR program award was just the beginning. MEDGULF is constantly working to develop its services and products by continuous assessment and improvement. Our vision is to present the ideal work environment and professional training and instill valuable community culture to be a part of our work ethics. If we were able to achieve all these aspects due to the highest standards, you would find MEDGULF earning many International prestigious awards from the well-respected institutions.

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