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NFU Mutual rated best in UK Insurance Provider Survey

NFU Mutual, car insurance,, UK Insurance Provider Survey, England
The company was scored highest across all categories resulting in a customer satisfaction rating between 94% and 97%. This implies that they will be recommended to a friend or a family member

Nearly 10,000 motor insurance customers took part in the ‘UK Insurance Provider Survey’, scoring insurance providers on a range of areas including ease of purchase, claims settlement and whether they would recommend them to friends and family.

LV was rated second best with a customer satisfaction score of 89%, and Tesco Bank third with 86%.

The survey also revealed the UK’s most expensive region for car insurance and that young drivers, who are the most influenced by price, are paying double the average annual premiums of motorists in their 40s.

According to the survey, Northern Ireland is the most expensive UK region for motorists, with an average annual premium of £575.  This is followed by the North West of England at £498 and the West Midlands in third at £475.  The cheapest region is the South West of England with car drivers paying an average annual premium of £399, just ahead of Scotland at £401.

Drivers aged 17 to 24 had the highest average annual premiums of £938, double that of drivers in their 40s who pay £467 on average. 25 to 29-year old are still feeling the pinch at £719 per year, while motorists in their 60’s enjoyed the cheapest rates at £342.

The wide-ranging survey also reveals drivers’ opinions on reasons for choosing insurers, attitudes towards personal recommendations and views on how their insurers handle claims.

Tracy Miller of, said: “Our survey found that unsurprisingly, cost is still a leading consideration for motorists when choosing car insurance, and where you live in the UK is a key contributor to that cost. But it also shows that customers place a great deal of importance on the service they receive, particularly when it comes to making a claim, the moment of truth for any insurance policy.

“It’s reassuring to see customers rating providers highly when it comes to making a claim. This included how quickly their claim was dealt with, the call handler’s knowledge and overall ease of dealing with the claims process.”


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