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Japan trying to revive startup eco-system

Back in the ’40s, the nation was known for producing startups that went on to become world-class companies Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya July 6, 2015: For the past two decades, Japan has been searching to get its economic mojo back. Several governments have done their bit, but nothing seems to have paid the desired dividends. In...

Column: Investment Insights

Abenomics Ends Darkness In The Land of The Rising Sun 20th February 2014 Abenomics has revived economic growth in Japan but long term structural reforms – the Third Arrow – holds the key to its ultimate success, argues Jagannadham Thunuguntla Ever since the election of Shinzo Abe as Japan’s Prime Minister in December, 2012, the...

Consumer Spending, Industrial Growth Steer Japan

Japan’s policy makers have made a concerted bid to revive the economy which has experienced many ups and downs over the past two decades fighting deflation and consistent bursts of recession. 3rd September 2013 Japan’s economy expanded at a slower pace than expected by many analysts this quarter, its GDP grew by 0.6 percent in...