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Magazine May - June 2018 Opinion

Are firms operating under financial constraints more susceptible to stock price crashes?

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Guanming He, Professor of Accounting at Durham University Business School, based upon his research paper Financial Constraints and Future Stock Price Crash Risk, along with PHD student, Helen Ren tells us what could be the possible reasons for a company’s stock price to crash...

India:Corporate Social Responsibility

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The World Bank seeks to strengthen the collaboration between corporate business strategies and national development priorities by supporting the Government of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 23rd September 2013 What is corporate social responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often defined as corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, social enterprise, sustainable development, triple-bottom line, corporate ethics, and...

Croatia’s Railway Sector: On Route to Efficiency and Competitiveness?

Croatia’s railway system underwent deep reform to prepare for entry to the European transport market. The World Bank outlines how the railway sector can become a greater engine of growth and its railway companies more efficient and competitive. July 29, 2013: Croatia became an integral part of the European transport market when it joined the European...