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Ideas Magazine May-June 2019

Implementing technical and organisational measures to defend against cyber risks the priority for UK FIs in 2019

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The Financial Conduct Authority in its latest report says lack of technical expertise within organisations is the reason they are unable to mitigate risks...

VNPT Group is actively contributing to boost Vietnam’s digital economy

Being the country’s leading telecommunications provider, the company has invested efforts to sustain a modern, synchronous and widespread national communication infrastructure for the Vietnamese residents...
Economy January-February 2019 Magazine

Leading Raiffeisen Bank’s digital transformation in Italy

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In the wake of rapid digitisation and mobile-friendly strategies, there is a rising need for modernity in authentication systems, In a path-breaking initiative, cybersecurity company OneSpan accomplished the seamless modernisation of Raiffeisen Italy’s authentication systems. Could this be the precedent in the future?...