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July - August 2018 Magazine Opinion

Are we giving consent to use our data too freely?

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With GDPR being implemented across the EU, the crucial question is how we consent to personal data usage. Charlie Tuxworth, director of software and innovation at digital solutions provider Equiniti explains the necessity for data integrity and protection in business based on user consent and withdrawal of consent...

The Economic Impact of Cybercrime: McAfee report

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The report found high correlation between third-tier wealthy nations and cybercrime loss of US$600bn in 2017—a serious rise from three years ago...

Bank robberies down, attacks on ATMs up

But, the greater threat is posed by developments in technology Peter Taberner March 2, 2015: Research by the European Banking Federation (EBF) has revealed that there continues to be a decline in bank robberies. According to the 22nd edition of their bank robberies report, there were 2,347 heists in 2013. These took place in the...