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BOE keeps rates unchanged

Move surprises many; however, cuts may take place in August IFM Correspondent July 15, 2016: In a move that has surprised many, Bank of England (BoE) has kept interest rates unchanged, despite widespread expectations that it was going to cut its benchmark rate in the wake of a June vote in the UK to leave...

Post-Brexit, BoE may cut interest rate

Move aimed at boosting the economy IFM Correspondent July 11, 2016: In order to provide a fillip to the economy post-Brexit, the Bank of England (BoE) is expected to cut interest rates to new historic lows on Thursday. Though a slowdown post-Brexit was more or less predicted, the bank may decide to take some measures...
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Can Mark Carney recreate the Magic in U.K ?

Mark Carney is set to take over in July as governor of the Bank of England, which is trying to steer the UK economy through one of its most challenging and uncertain times. 21 May 2013 It’s curtains for Mervyn King, the Governor of Bank of England, who will be stepping down very soon. The...