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Reverse Merger: Backdoor Method of Entering Marketplace

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Reverse merger also gives additional liquidity to the company as the resources of the two companies are combined together, this process is also known as reverse takeover. 11th September 2013 Earlier in July, Ultra Sun Corporation successfully completed a reverse merger transaction with Wild Earth Naturals Inc., in which Wild Earth became a wholly owned...
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Toxic Assets – Beginning of the End

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Many banks have managed to cut down their toxic assets, Citigroup for example, cordoned off its troubled assets in January 2009 with its creation of Citi Holdings. 10th September In this article International Finance Magazine explains what is a toxic asset,fall of Lehman brothers, misuse of Repo 105 and its implications on the world. An...

Difference Between the Two Largest Stock Exchanges in the U.S.

The National Association of Security Dealers and Automated Quotations is the largest stock exchange in terms of daily traded volume with 3,200 listed securities, it is a self regulatory body that licenses brokers and oversees trading practices. 5th August 2013 NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) are two premium exchange centres of stock...

How Does the Stock Market Work?

New investors think the stock market as a short term investment vehicle where you can reap huge profit or heavy losses; however, this is not true. 22nd July 2013 For a new investor the stock market is baffling, which probably helps to explain why so many people lose money when they invest. In this article,...