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Business Leaders Magazine May - June 2018

The unmatched stardom of ‘Accidental CEO’: Anne Mulcahy

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The story speaks the exceptional character of former Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy, who reformed the downfall of a Fortune 500 company and had a voice to disagree Wall Street...
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Flash Boys turns the heat on high-frequency trading

The book by Michael Lewis claims that markets are rigged by high-frequency traders who take front running advantage on the orders placed by investors Jaya Smitha Menon September 3,2014:The old saying, ‘pen is mightier than the sword’, gets new validation. Recently, financial author Michael Lewis proved this adage right with his latest book Flash Boys:...

Montreal Protocol could spell death knell to Emerging Economies

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International Finance Magazine brings out the ill effects of Montreal Protocol on emerging economies such as India, Brazil, emerging dangers to the Indian Defence and Obama’s “personal” political priorities on signing the agreement. 13th September 2013 In recent years, focus on the international regime of climate change negotiations, notably represented by ongoing deliberations surrounding the...