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Has interplanetary banking become a figment of scientific imagination?

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For long earthlings have been fascinated with Mars, but simmering attempts to colonise the planet might be a lot more difficult and complex even for the best and the brightest human minds...
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What does Trump mean for Bitcoin?

One of the more significant developments of the post-Obama United States could be a rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin January 27, 2017: Republican or Democrat, American or not, it’s hard to avoid the inexplicable rise to fame of The Apprentice star and occasional professional wrestler, Donald Trump. The billionaire’s pledges around immigration, healthcare,...

Barclays opens up opportunities for fintech startups in Africa

The initiative is aimed at uncovering the next M-Pesa or Paypal IFM Correspondent December 23, 2016: Barclays has opened up an opportunity for fintech startups in South Africa, it aims to accelerate the growth of startups in the financial service industry by allowing them to work with financial technology experts in the coming year. The...

Exploring digital payments at Money 20/20

The 2014 event in Las Vegas offered the chance to meet with just about anyone who counts in financial technology Tom Groenfeldt January 7, 2015: With over 7,000 attendees from 2,250-plus companies and coming from more than 60 countries, Money 20/20 in Las Vegas offered the chance to meet with just about anyone who counts...

eBay to spin off PayPal

Earlier this year, management decided against the separation IFM Correspondent October 1, 2014: PayPal is splitting from eBay and will become a separate and publicly traded company next year. The decision comes almost a year after billionaire investor Carl Icahn opened a proxy fight pushing for the spinoff of PayPal. “The industry landscape is changing,...