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Iran: Renewed interest

The initial round of foreign investment is expected to benefit petrochemical and metal industries Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya August 28, 2015: For economists worldwide, July historically is usually a quiet month. However, this year has been unusually active for the global economy. First, there was Greece’s debt crisis. Then the news of China’s stock plunging stroked...

The Icelandic economy is back on its feet

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the boom in the tourism sector has had a major economic impact June 10, 2015: In the past 20 years, the Icelandic economy has gone through a wild boom and bust roller coaster ride. The economy is very small by most comparisons; the number of inhabitants is only...
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Arab aviation summit ends on a high note

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The event also saw the launch of a programme for young minds IFM Correspondent September 25, 2014: The global demand for aircraft will stand at 27,000 in the next two decades, states a news report in Zawya. And, according to Paul-Franck Bijou, chief executive officer, Airbus ProSky, the Middle East region is the fastest growing...

Ebola ruins summer of Africa

The outbreak was reported in March just when people begin to take their vacations and travel with their families Samuel Okocha August 19, 2014: Owners of businesses are raising concerns over the economic impact of the Ebola virus, as business travelers cancel visits over fears of contracting the disease that have left more than 1,000...