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Nokia to spearhead EU’s 6G research project

The project is developed to propel 6G vision and seeks to create new technologies

Nokia will spearhead the European Union’s 6G research project known as Hexa-X. The project is developed to propel 6G vision and seeks to create new technologies, case studies and architecture to integrate 6G enablers.

The stakeholders in the project are network vendors, communication service providers, verticals, technology providers and leading European communications research institutes. The research and development division of Nokia—Nokia Bell Labs has already started researching fundamental 6G technologies, media reports said. The technology giant is expected 6G to launch 6G commercially by 2030. It is reported that the company will take into account the typical 10-year cycle between network generations.

Peter Vetter, Head of Access and Devices Research, Nokia Bell Labs, told the media, “Even though there is still a lot of innovation in 5G with the release of new standards, we are already exploring 6G in our research lab. In the 6G era we will see applications that will not only connect humans with machines but also connect humans with the digital world.”

In addition, Hexa-X and Nokia are closely working on 6Genesis, which is a national programme backed by the academy of Finland. The programme is also led by the University of Oulu and Horizon Europe Smart Networks and Services for the research and development of next-generation network technologies and services, media reports said.

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