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Want to block specific YouTube channels, Google Discover is here

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The Google Discover feed is a unique component of the Google app that enables users to search for news and YouTube videos

Users can now hide videos from specific YouTube channels in the Google Discover section, depending on their preferences. In addition, Google added a new feature to the Google Discover feed that allows users to restrict videos from particular YouTube channels.

Previously, users had to stop all YouTube videos from appearing in the Google Discover feed or read through the irrelevant recommended videos. However, this all-or-nothing strategy is now changing, as the option to disable recommendations from particular content providers is allegedly one of the app’s most requested improvements.

Google Discover: What is it?
The Google Discover feed is a unique component of the Google app that enables users to search for news and YouTube videos. However, users dislike some of these suggested videos so much that they hide them from the Google Discover feed. It is where the new feature that lets users restrict content from a specific YouTube channel without affecting the other suggested videos comes in handy.

How does the new feature operate?
Users of Google Discover can now block access to certain websites’ content. Users desperately needed similar options for YouTube videos because making viewers disable YouTube recommendations if they didn’t like a particular video was never a long-term fix.

Now, users can use the disable option to block a specific YouTube channel if they don’t like a video from that channel by tapping the three-dot menu button on the bottom-left side of the video slab.

Don’t show content from (particular channel) on YouTube is the name of the new option.

Although not accessible to all YouTube channels, this feature seems to operate for some of them. Users may also utilise this new option to customise the information in their Google Discover feed.

Unfortunately, most of the articles and videos in this section are user-search-based, and Google occasionally makes erroneous or irrelevant recommendations. The ability to block all YouTube videos was previously said to be coming to Google’s desktop home page.

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