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ccc: Transforming Saudi’s BPO sector

ccc believes that digitization has broadened the range of services that the BPO industry will provide in the coming days

ccc, a Saudi Arabia-based leading Customer Experience Management provider, has been grabbing headlines for progressively pioneering the advancement of the Kingdom’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry through local, digitized services with international standards.

In its existence of over a decade, the venture has established itself as a leader in the customer experience management and business process outsourcing sector in the Middle East.

“Our success is attributed to the digitalized and creative services we offer, which meet the highest international standards while accommodating the local market’s special demands. and this has revolutionized the sector in the region. ccc is one of solutions by stc’ subsidiary companies. solutions by stc is the number one IT services provider in the Kingdom for 6 consecutive years, and solutions by stc mission is to provide technology solutions to businesses addressing their needs and challenges to succeed in evolving market conditions,” ccc commented.

Headquartered in Riyadh, and operating in three strategic locations within the Kingdom, namely Jeddah, Medina, and Riyadh, ccc has been constantly updating its infrastructures and technologies to ensure the delivery of top-quality services to its customers.

The venture has a dedicated team comprising over 6,000 employees, including over 2,000 female staffers, and maintains a high Saudization rate. ccc has also been incorporating localization elements, to support domestic suppliers and entities to be part of the ‘Vision 2030’.

As of 2023, ccc is empowering businesses in Saudi and beyond to strategically optimize operations for various service lines including Customer Lifecycle Management, HRO, and F&A for multiple industry segments, apart from boosting operational efficiency through an enriched experience to achieve more impactful and long-lasting business outcomes.

ccc, the largest telecommunications provider in the Kingdom, has established itself by offering a wide range of solutions spanning customer care, technology services, digital businesses, consulting, back office, and all other specialized services, with an aim to provide customers an enhanced experience.

“Our customer service portfolio comprises several primary services that distinguish us, such as enhancing customer loyalty, collections, remote sales and technical support, and managing customer experiences, all of which are based on well-thought-out strategic plans supported by the latest technologies and supervised by highly experienced professionals. Today, our strategic direction is to launch new services that include HR outsourcing, consulting, business process management as a service, and much more. We aspire to excel in other services such as supply chain management, logistics, IT service management, and financial outsourcing,” the company stated.

ccc’s motto has always been to deliver services with exceptional customer experience. The venture has specialized in providing business intelligence tools, CXO dashboards, integrated speech and data analysis services, and knowledge management. Some of its solutions are RPA speech analytics, smart knowledge banks, and advanced performance management.

Apart from partnering with well-known businesses within the Saudi, ccc is now serving over 45 clients in sectors including government, healthcare, travel and hospitality, banking, financial services and insurance, energy and utilities, telecommunications, e-commerce, retail, and technology.

A Reputed Brand Standing The Test Of Times

ccc has received multiple prestigious awards over the years, apart from earning milestones like reaching over 40 million annual customer interactions, more than 5 million annual interactions on social media, developing an enviable portfolio of providing services in eight languages to 45 prestigious clients, and last but not the least, a customer satisfaction rate of over 95%.

ccc’s Vision Of The BPO’s Future

The sector called BPO or Business Process Outsourcing enables companies to streamline their operations by undertaking most of the monotonous duties from their core teams, thus allowing the ventures to focus on important responsibilities to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Since the sector is undergoing a transformation in the Kingdom and is poised to play in realising the economic diversification goals under ‘Vision 2030’, ccc believes that digitization has broadened the range of services that the BPO industry will provide in the coming days.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has started taking over the sector, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), thus leading to more agile outsourcing services and higher-quality experiences for customers.

BPO providers will be aiming at automating first-level customer interactions and work processes with chatbots, thus taking another step closer to the sector’s automation.

A combination of both onshore and offshore outsourcing models will optimize companies’ operational costs. The process, called ‘Right Shoring’, involves outsourcing complex and higher-valued customer interactions onshore, while moving regular high-volume tasks to cheaper locations.

The sector will adopt new trends like the Outsourcing of Knowledge Processes (KPO), Outsourcing Legal Services (LPO), Research Process Outsourcing (RPO), and services aided by Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).

The sector, while remaining a customer-centric one, will keep on reinventing itself as per the changing landscape called ‘Customer Experience’.

ccc is now lining its services and solutions in such a way that Saudi’s BPO industry remains future-proof, while driving the Kingdom’s economic diversification efforts.

The Road Ahead

“Our philosophy in this area is to raise the level of competence of our employees and qualify them not only to serve our company but also to contribute to the growth and development of our kingdom’s economy and vision. As we dedicate hours training annually, our training programs come in different formats, including internal training in cooperation with stc academy, external training outside the Kingdom, and e-learning. At ccc, we believe that the development of our employees is crucial to our success,” the company commented, while talking about its roadmap for the future.

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