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Chinese Premier Li Qiang pushes for stronger economic & trade ties with United States

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Chinese Premier Li Qiang said that United States companies are welcome to continue to invest in the country to share development opportunities

Extending olive branches towards Washington, Chinese Premier Li Qiang batted for strong economic and trade ties between his country and the United States, Chinese state radio reported recently.

Stating that the United States should avoid economic decoupling from China, Li Qiang, who was meeting a visiting American delegation, remarked, “Strengthening economic and trade cooperation is a win-win situation for both countries.”

The delegation was led by the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC) chief Suzanne Clark.

“China is pursuing Chinese modernisation in an all-round way through high-quality development. US companies are welcome to continue to invest in China to share development opportunities. It is hoped that the USCC and entrepreneurs will continue to play the role of a bridge in promoting more communication and mutual understanding,” Li Qiang noted.

“Seeking decoupling and building ‘small yards with high walls’ do not align with the fundamental interests of both sides,” The Chinese Premier added further, as he announced that the American companies were welcome to continue investing in China and that barriers were not in the fundamental interests of both sides.

Suzanne Clark was leading a delegation of former United States government officials to Beijing, amid the background of Beijing and Washington gradually resuming engagements after a tense phase between the two economic superpowers in recent years, where they were at the loggerheads over the future of Taiwan, territorial claims in the South China Sea and trade policies.

Agreeing with Li Qiang, Suzanne Clark said the US-China relationship was extremely important and “decoupling” was not a viable option.

The USCC was willing to act as a bridge to deepen US-China economic and trade relations and mutually beneficial cooperation, and promote the steady development of US-China relations, the official observed.

The delegation’s visit also reflects signs of improved engagement between the Chinese and American business communities. The USCC team also held discussions with the American enterprises operating in China and relevant industry associations as well as government officials.

“The increasing frequency of meetings and visits between Chinese and US officials and business leaders is a sign that the world’s two largest economies remain committed to stabilising their relationship despite lingering differences and tensions,” analysts said, as reported by the Global Times.

Yang Fan, a spokesperson for the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), on whose invitation the American delegation came, said that the visit aimed to promote cooperation between the business communities of the two countries.

“The delegation will learn about the latest developments in China’s economy and business environment, which once again proves that the US business community attaches great importance to and continues to pay close attention to the Chinese market,” said Yang Fan.

CCPIT Chairman Ren Hongbin also met with Suzanne Clark, where he noted that the Chinese business council was willing to strengthen communication and contact with the USCC and further deepen practical China-US cooperation in organising delegation visits, holding exhibitions and forums, and promoting information sharing, to inject stability and positive energy into bilateral economic and trade relations.

Suzanne Clark, in return, reiterated that Beijing was an extremely important market for American companies.

“The USCC is willing to continue to play its role in supporting US companies in doing business in China, deepening pragmatic exchanges between the business communities of the two countries, and promoting the sound and steady development of US-China relations,” Yang Fan added further.

The USCC is the largest business organisation in the United States. Its members include global corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), local chambers and industry associations.

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