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Utilities forbid solar industry development in South Carolina

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The State House Representatives are determined to exclude a cap that industry advocated suggest potential threats to thousand of solar jobs

The House is reported to have voted in favor of the legislation: 61-44 which was short of the required two-third votes. Those in favour of the bill said without it, the state’s solar industry is likely to collapse and the price of solar panels will become expensive to buy.

According to Renewable Energy Magazine, under the South Carolina rules of legislature the bill necessitates a second vote which will be sent to the state Senate. 

A spokesperson for one of Duke Energy that opposed the bill said: “that is fair and…balances the interests of all who call South Carolina home.”

“Our customers have always had the right to go solar if they choose, and that will continue.” However, the other utility SCE&G has not commented on the matter.

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