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Fly Baghdad: Airline that fulfils your travel needs

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Having just three flights in 2017, Fly Baghdad grew to 10 in 2022 as a result of the senior management's vision and efforts

Fly Baghdad is an Iraqi airline that can fulfil all of your travel needs using technology while also accommodating the other segment of passengers who prefer the more traditional way of booking using cash and face-to-face dealing when getting their tickets to provide you with comfort and reliability at affordable prices, and that represents their Slogan — Low Price…More Flights.

Fly Baghdad Bags International Award
Adding another feather to their cap, Fly Baghdad ended up winning the award for “The Best Low-Cost Iraqi Carrier” at the International Finance Awards. This award is a testament to the services provided by the airline over the last nine years.

Overcoming Odds To Fly High
Fly Baghdad, which was established in 2014, faced many struggles during the initial years due to the unstable situation in Iraq. Made investors seriously considered stopping the operations of Fly Baghdad, but ultimately after the new management took over in 2017, it was no looking back for them.

Under the able leadership of CEO Basheer Al-Shabbani, the airline not only took off in the right direction but also went on to achieve many accomplishments.

Having just three flights in 2017, Fly Baghdad grew to 10 in 2022 as a result of the senior management’s vision and efforts. By increasing the staff strength to over 500, Fly Baghdad ended up proving more employment opportunities, which resulted in a 200% growth in their employee count.

To be named in the list of successful airlines, it has to provide more and more destination options for its passengers. Fly Baghdad has done exactly that. The Iraqi airline increased the number of destinations from 7 to 32, eventually becoming the go-to airline for the Iraqi natives.

Affordable & Comfortable Travel
Despite having provided flights at cheap rates, Fly Baghdad has never compromised on the comfort provided to their passengers. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer to travel with Fly Baghdad over their rivals.

On the technical aspect, Fly Baghdad was able to obtain the all-important IATA Membership and IOSA Certificate, as a result of the immense hard work and perseverance of the senior management of the airline. This only reiterates the fact that Fly Baghdad is one of the safest airlines in the world.

Due to all these impressive aspects, Fly Baghdad has a market share that exceeded 10% of the total Iraqi market for aviation, tourism, and travel, which surpassed the barrier of one and a half billion dollars annually.

In order to hire graduates, Fly Baghdad also adopts the notion of working with Iraqi institutions, where the proportion of recent graduates who work in the aviation industry has increased by 27%.

Additionally, in Fly Baghdad, there are now more than 25% foreign staffers, representing over 27 different foreign and Arab ethnicities.

The analysis of the information that Fly Baghdad passengers provide through a series of questionnaires created especially to identify any area that requires improvement, the airline adheres to those recommendations, which has eventually helped Fly Baghdad to significantly improve its service.

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