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PASHA Capital at the forefront of Azerbaijan’s capital market

PASHA is the largest investment company in Azerbaijan and Caucasian region, offering its services to local and international investors

PASHA Capital Investment Company CJSC (PASHA Capital or the Company) is the largest investment company in Azerbaijan and Caucasian region, offering its services to local and international investors. The Company is a full member of Baku Stock Exchange and National Depository Center, a local central securities depository. PASHA Capital’s constant efforts in improving the quality of its investment services attracted attention of international institutions and it won several awards. Being one of the most innovative investment companies in the Caucasian region, the company received the “Best Investment Company in the Country” award in 2019 and “The Country’s fastest-growing Investment Company” award in 2021 from CBONDS – a leading financial data vendor and news agency. In 2021 PASHA Capital received two new awards – “Fastest growing brokerage house” and “Best brokerage house” – by “International Finance”, a premium business and finance magazine.

PASHA Capital is one of the leading members of the Baku Stock Exchange and Association of Azerbaijan Capital Market Participants. The company conducted AZN 13.4 billion (USD 7.9 billion) worth of operations in the year of 2021 and became the largest member of the Baku Stock Exchange by operations volume. In 2021, PASHA Capital’s transactions in the government securities market reached AZN 4.9 billion (USD 2.9 billion), which is close to 50 percent of that market. On top of that, its operations in corporate bonds and REPO accounted for 35 percent and 55 percent of these markets respectively. In total, PASHA Capital’s total market share stood at 52 percent at the end of November which makes it the biggest investment firm in the country.

PASHA Capital offers brokerage, underwriting, margin trading, investment advisory services, equity research and other investment services to its clients. The company provides access to the primary and secondary markets of the Baku Stock Exchange, conducts financial transactions in foreign markets and facilitates REPO operations. PASHA Capital aims to constantly improve the quality of its services in a dynamic environment in order to meet ever-increasing demands of its clients.

Positioning itself as one of the leading investment companies in Azerbaijan, PASHA Capital provides issuers with the opportunity to attract long term capital through share and bond sales. In 2021 PASHA Capital helped a number of the largest local companies to raise AZN 157 million through placement of stocks and bonds. The Company has extensive plan for further development of local capital market and increasing the quality of its investment services.

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