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DenizBank, paving the way for pioneering the financial sector in Turkey

The Deniz Aquarium Innovation Hub, which was founded in 2020 will produce technologies that will shape the future of banking

Investing in technology, R&D and innovation since the day it was founded, DenizBank Financial Services Group continues its operations with the vision of becoming a pioneer in the finance sector amidst the paradigm shift taking place across digital technologies.

The bank which established the first digital banking department in Turkey in 2012 and appointed the first CDO of the sector, thereby earning “The Most Innovative Bank of the World” title successively in Europe, cares about working with the speed and agility of an innovation hub with a “phygital” strategy which it has integrated with all the points touching the customer, whether physically or digitally.

The Deniz Aquarium Innovation Hub, which was founded in 2020 will produce technologies that will shape the future of banking. Additionally, the DenizBank Financial Services Group founded Deniz Ventures Capital Fund as an investment platform for the technology initiatives which has shown growth potential. The bank gathered fastPay along with Deniz Aquarium and Deniz Ventures under the umbrella of NEOHUB which it launched to add new momentum to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey in 2021. Under its new fintech subsidiary NEOHUB, the Bank is aiming to spread the new initiates on a global scale by tapping into its power to reach a wide range of institutions and customers.

On the other hand, Intertech, the subsidiary of DenizBank Financial Services Group in the field of information technologies, provides software and technology service to over 49 institutions in 11 countries with nearly 1300 employees and 1000 Turkish engineers currently employed by the organization.

As a banking-licensed financial technology company, DenizBank Financial Services Group will continue to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of speed and agility and produce service models shaping the sector with the approach of support and inclusion of the ecosystem.

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