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Field Advice eyes eco-friendly disposables to serve the Middle East

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As part of its expansion plan, the goal is to build a sustainable environment for the region’s food industry

Scandinavia’s leading food packaging supplier, Field Advice has entered into an agreement with Alpha Sky to meet the increasing demand of eco-friendly products in the Middle East.

Last week, the MoU was signed by Mark Remmy Sali, managing director of Field Advice and Ayman Al Hilali, CEO of Alpha Sky. In accordance with the agreement, both companies will supply eco-friendly tableware and food packaging to restaurants, airlines and other businesses.

Al Hilali said: “We believe that our food containers is the answer to the demand for packaging that is sustainable and not harmful to the people and the environment.” In his opinion, sustainable use of resources and waste management is a responsibility that should be addressed by everyone to bolster government initiatives in this space.

According to Business Intelligence Middle East, the packaging products by Field Advice are made from plant-based material such as bamboo, palm leaf, sugarcane fiber and starch. Products made from starch are biodegradable and carry similar properties of plastic containers, which are popularly used in the food industry.

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