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How UK retailers are tempting customers by offering drinks

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This new trend is gaining traction among the UK’s elite.

Not everyone loves to do laundry but in the Essex town of Brentwood, two friends have changed the way laundry is done. Sarah-Jane Adams and Dee Anderson are the co-founders of Laundry and Latte. As the name denotes, their laundry business of doing clothes and at the same time it is a cafe also. Since the place is completely licensed, people can also enjoy a glass of wine while watching their laundry spin.

The two friends had founded it last autumn and it has now become a part of the trend on the UK High Street where it is being dubbed as ‘ sip and shop’. A new trend has started where people will go to the service provider and at the same time enjoy an alcoholic drink. Many shops are now offering this service. This can vary from either a fashion store having staff who will help customers pick their clothes and many other things.

According to one report, it is predicted that by 2025 half of the retail space will be dedicated to such experiences. But with this comes the side effects. During the pandemic, alcohol-related deaths in England and Wales hit an almost 20-year high. And this has led to the evolution of the obvious question — should shops really be allowed to offer drinks to their customers? Could this step encourage excessive drinking?

Another example is of a florist who used to offer champagne, people thought that it was more like a champagne bar and that the flowers were just for decoration. This was part of a wider campaign by offline retailers to attract customers away from their online counterparts.

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